Cycling routes in Pomerania

Spring is the perfect time to get back on your bike and not only discover new places but visit your old haunts. When travel options are so severely limited, bicycling may prove to be a comfortable and safe way to explore.

Ready, steady, cicle!

Pomerania is one of the regions with plentiful and interesting bicycle routes. The Tricity has also been ranked as one of Europe’s best bicycle-friendly cities, thanks to extensive bike lanes you can easily cycle all over Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot, between the Tricity and Hel. You will also find a lot of tourist cycling paths here. Pomerania is a perfect place to keep fit with biking and at the same time discover unique and remarkable parts of this region. You can check the routes on traseo.

Best cycling routes

The Pomeranian cycling paths are particularly diverse in terms of difficulty, topography, and landscape. Explore your options and plan a trip that will allow you to enjoy the beauty, get away from everyday life, and keep you fit and in good health.

  • Kashubia – make sure to try the routes of Szwajcaria Kaszubska (literally: Kashubian Switzerland), the area near Kartuzy and Chmielno. You will be surprised to experience mountain biking in Pomerania. Remember that you may need a little more strength to cycle over this hilly terrain than you would for a city ride. Unique landscapes, beautiful lakes, and peaceful Kashubian villages will be your reward for this effort. An interesting proposition is also  Kaszubska Marszruta, a network of paths in the vicinity of Chojnice with unique forest complexes of Bory Tucholskie and the Zaborski Landscape Park. You can travel up to 200 kilometres on the Kaszubska Marszruta cycling routes.
  • Słupsk – the most recommended is the Pierścień Gryfitów (literally: Griffins Ring) route, on which you can admire the extraordinary buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Żuławy – the Szlak Mennonitów (literally: Mennonite Route) is one of the most interesting cycle paths. It doesn’t require a lot of effort and delights with the beauty of the proud Motława and idyllic Żuławy fields. You will also have an opportunity to discover the unique colour of this region. You will be passing the Gothic churches, charming windmills, and arcaded houses. From here, you can go further in the direction of the Vistula Lagoon. Find out more at the Pomorskie Travel website.
  • From Gdynia to Hel – you simply must go on the beautiful Puck Bay route. It is one of the most beautiful bike paths in Poland. trailing along the Puck Bay, the section from Gdynia to Hel is 80 km of the picturesque cycle route. Check it here.

So, dust out your bicycles, grab your sunscreen, spring is here and it’s time to go exploring! 

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