Did you know that Pomeranian voivodeship comes second in terms of the level of entrepreneurship?

Pomerania proves to be the paradise for large companies, especially those from the most innovative sectors of economy. However, smaller businesses also tend to find good development opportunities  here. What is so special about the region compared to the rest of Poland?

Pomerania – the heart of business

In the ranking conducted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Pomeranian Voivodeship took second place. The region boasts the ratio of 54 businesses per 1000 inhabitants. It is here that traditionally local branches such as marine industry, tourism or petroleum industry cooperate and develop alongside high opportunity sectors such as ICT, business services, logistics and chemical/bio-tech industry. Small and medium-sized ventures,  including innovative start-up companies, grow right beside major international ones.

How to start your own business?

Starting your own business is not as complicated as it might look. Just follow these few simple steps. First, you have to notify the city authorities about the fact, by visiting the municipal administration office or via the web, so that your business is registered in the Central Register of Sole Traders (CEIDG). The information about your registration should appear on the CEIDG website within a few days at the latest, so that you can download it for printing.

At this stage one should simultaneously apply for a REGON number. Your individual NIP number automatically becomes the sole proprietorship NIP number. VAT payers are also obliged to notify that fact to the Revenue Office. The CEIDG application is also a piece of information for the Polish Social Insurance Institution that the applicant becomes obliged to pay social insurance contributions from now on.

Port w Gdyni zachód słońca

Where should you seek assistance?

Starting your own business will be much easier with the help of a professional financial assistance. Expenses you have to cover for in the first months of operation include buying equipment and machinery or to promote your business – those are rarely levelled by the income you can earn. It is best to look for help at the local County Employment Agency even before you register your own business. A good business plan can enable you getting a financial support of at least a dozen or several dozen thousands PLN.

What makes the region so special?

Why Pomerania and Tri-City are so much business-oriented? They enjoy a big supply of well-educated young people, graduates of the Pomeranian universities who often choose their individual career paths. Opportunities for innovative start-ups are brilliant indeed. The best example is the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia, a real paradise for innovators. Most of the Pomeranian inhabitants will also point to the entrepreneurial traditions of Gdansk that go few centuries back. Proximity of the sea facilitates international expansion. The climate here is great, not only when it comes to weather, but when it comes to starting your own business. In such a stimulating atmosphere one can develop a lot of creative ideas.

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