Empty fridge? Use apps to shop for groceries

Apart from the global pandemic going on Autumn is the flu season. We should try and limit contact with other people. But what to do when we are running out of our favourite food? Let’s check which shops offer apps allowing customers to make orders and how much the delivery costs. We’ll also take a closer look at apps helping save food from going to waste from our favourite restaurants and other food venues at really great prices. In addition, we give a few ideas on healthy food available online.

Homely, fresh, and healthy

The online shop spizarniaklementyny.pl is an initiative that allows you to buy fresh, traditional products from different providers, such as milk, preserves, sliced meats, dairy, or even regional dishes in one place. It is owned by a milk processing establishment Śnieżka, situated in Perlino, in Pomerania. By making orders on this website, you’ll support a local business and its partners. The minimal amount spent is 30 pln and the delivery to Gdańsk is only 2,46 pln. All the products are described in detail, including the ingredients. Just looking at the photos makes your mouth water.

Lilufruitshome.pl is an interesting online store with headquarters in Gdańsk. It mainly sells fruit and vegetables, but it also offers other groceries such as i.e. eggs, yogurts, and sliced meats. You have to spend at least 100 pln, so why not ask your elderly neighbours if they need something and prepare an order together?

Chain food stores offer

Do you prefer chain grocery stores? No worries! Carrefour’s mobile app has many functions. These which will come in particularly handy right now are online shopping, scan & go, mobile payment, and additional offers. You can pick your order up at a click & collect point, get delivery, or pay for a courier. Grocery shopping can be done remotely also through the Auchan Direct app. You’ll pay 19,90 pln or 25,00 pln for the same day delivery. At the same time, groceries from Spar will be at your door for as little as 9,99 pln, but only if you pay at least 80 pln.

Personal touch

You don’t want to download all the apps from different providers, but would still like to have a wide choice? Why not use the one that gives you access to many? Everli will let you hire a so-called shopper who will buy stuff on your behalf in Carrefour, Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, and Kaufland. Do you wonder what will happen if some products from your list aren’t available? Your personal shopper will contact you to suggest alternatives and you’ll decide whether you want them or not. The delivery can be done even on the same day, contact-free, and in compliance with sanitary guidelines. Nice and easy, right?

When you need something extra

Glovo makes it possible to bring anything to your doorstep. Almost… Sore throat medicines from a pharmacy, groceries from Żabka, Biedronka or Carrefour, or a meal from McDonald’s or different restaurants? No problem! You’ll get them all through a single app. By choosing the option “anything”, you’ll get whatever you want that is lighter than a watermelon and smaller than a medium-sized fish tank. The icon of a magic wand will likely appeal to your imagination. The cost depends on the distance.

Jedz dania z ulubionych restauracji i ratuj planetę

Who doesn’t have a go-to diner, a café, or even a chain restaurant? For sure there are places we would eat every meal in if we weren’t so tight on a budget. What if we’re also against wasting food which unsold gets thrown away every day? The rescue comes from Too Good To Go and Foodsi apps. They both let you check a map of locations that have something tasty left for you to come and save. Because the idea is that you collect it yourself and you don’t know exactly what you’ll get. There might be some kind of a hint as, for example, a suggestion it’s a vegetarian or a lunch meal. In addition, you’ll have to get it at a specific time. In return, it’ll cost you only 30-50% of the original price. It’s definitely a great bargain for those who live in a neighbourhood and can get it quickly and without traveling far.

The pandemic we’ve been living with for months definitely triggers changes and new solutions. Online and mobile app grocery shopping becomes a part of our everyday life. Supermarkets, local shops, and restaurants do everything to keep up, fight for our money and very often for their own survival. Why not help and gain at the same time?

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