What Documents Should I Submit in Order to Apply For the Single Permit?

What Documents Should I Submit in Order to Apply For the Single Permit?

The application for a residence and work permit should be submitted in person, not later than on the last day of legal residence in the Polish territory. In Pomeranian Voivodeship, applications for a residence and work permit should be submitted to the Branch for Legalisation of Residence of Foreigners (Oddział ds. Legalizacji Pobytu Cudzoziemców) in Gdańsk or to the Local Branch of the Department of Civil Affairs and Foreigners (Oddział Zamiejscowego Wydziału Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców) in Słupsk.

If the application is not submitted in person or is sent by mail – after the application has been delivered to the voivode, the foreigner will be summoned to appear in person within a period not shorter than 7 days from the delivery of the summons under pain of the application being left unprocessed. During the appointment, fingerprints will also be taken from the foreigner.

In order to submit an application for a residence and work permit, it is necessary to fill in:

  • the standard application form for granting a temporary residence permit to a foreigner, in which in the field: “the main purpose of stay” the option: “performing work” should be selected; two copies of the application should be submitted.
  • the attachments required to submit an application for a temporary residence permit, i.e.:
    • four photographs meeting the set requirements,
    • a photocopy of a valid travel document (the whole document, including pages with no entries or stamps),
    • two photocopies of the passport page with personal data and a photo,
    • proof of payment of stamp duty for issue of the permit
  • if in a given case the applicant is not exempt from this obligation, they should also attach information from the starost competent for the main place of work of the foreigner about the inability to satisfy the employer’s HR needs established on the basis of the registers of the unemployed and job seekers or about a negative result of recruitment organised for the employer. The lack of such information does not constitute a formal defect.


The application also needs to be submitted with a document called Annex 1 to the application for granting a temporary residence permit to a foreigner – it should be filled in and signed by a person representing the entity entrusting work. The person signing the Annex (i.e., placing a legible signature in the space provided on page 6 of the Annex) is, therefore:

  1. the owner of the company (in case of a natural person conducting business activity),
  2. a person (or persons) listed in the company’s excerpt from the National Court Register, in the part concerning the representation of the entity (in case of companies). These persons may also authorise another person to sign Annex 1 (this is not possible in case of natural persons conducting business activity).

The document indicates:

  • data concerning the entity entrusting a foreigner with work,
  • legal basis for the performance of work by a foreigner (whether it is an employment contract or a civil law contract),
  • position or type of work to be performed,
  • working hours,
  • proposed monthly or annual gross remuneration and, in the case of civil law contracts, gross hourly rate and scope of basic duties at the workplace.

The section with declarations on pages 4-5 of Annex 1 also has to be completed. Instructions can be found on the first page of the Annex.

Lack of any of the aforementioned documents will result in the foreigner being requested to supplement it within a period not shorter than 7 days from the delivery of the request under pain of the application being left unprocessed.

The application should also be submitted with other documents confirming the circumstances indicated in the application:

  • in case of meeting the conditions for exemption from the obligation to have a work permit – a document confirming the fulfilment of these conditions (e.g., the Pole’s Card or a diploma from a Polish university),
  • proof of secured residence,
  • >employment contract, commission contract as well as bills from the last three months (if the party is already performing work), specific work contract,
  • certificate of employment from the previous employer (if the foreigner has previously performed work for another employer),
  • PIT returns showing the amount of the foreigner’s income for the previous tax year or a relevant certificate from ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), or other documents to confirm the source of stable and regular income sufficient to cover the costs of living of the foreigner and their dependent family members,
  • documents confirming health insurance.

If there is a need to clarify or provide more details regarding the case evidence held by the authority during the proceedings, the foreigner may be called upon to provide other documents or to give evidence confirming the circumstances referred to in the application.

More questions about how to legalise your stay in Poland?

Issues related to the legalisation of employment and stay of foreigners in Poland still raise many doubts – both among employers and their foreign employees. In order to make it easier to navigate among statutory regulations, the Invest in Pomerania team in cooperation with specialists from the Pomeranian Voivodeship Office have created a publication containing a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the procedure of applying for a residence and work permit in Poland. We sincerely hope that the publication will make the process of legalising the stay and employment of foreigners in our region more efficient. We invite you to read the entire guide. If you want to learn more about the full range of support provided by Invest in Pomerania visit the website: investinpomerania.pl .

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