What is The Cost of Living in Tri-City? Let’s Check it With a 2+1 Family as an Example

The Baltic Sea, clean air, good public transportation and a job market full of opportunities are what attracts here people from all across Poland. Families, along with their children can count on various facilities in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Is the price of the decision to relocate high? Is living in the largest urban area in Pomerania expensive?

Living in Tri-city

Not so long ago, in a separate article, we’ve analysed the Gdansk real estate market. Average price for an apartment in the capital of Pomeranian Voivodeship is about 6,500 zl per m2 and that seems rather attractive, especially when compared to Warsaw, with its traffic jams and high smog levels. Of course it is possible to find something even cheaper while browsing what some city districts have to offer. Places like Orunia, Bretowo, Brzezno and Stogi are great matches if we look for prices between 3,500-5,000 zl per m2. Przymorze, Oliwa and Zabianka which are located nearby the city’s business centre can be a little more expensive with prices varying between 6,000-7,000 zl per  m2, and the most prestigious locations  – Jelitkowo, Main City and Old Town will cost us about 7,500 zl per  m2

Prices in Gdynia are very similar to Gdansk, while Sopot is slightly more expensive due to its tourist value. One should take into consideration that real estate market it Tri-City is very dynamic. For example, in 2016 alone 9 thousand building permits for new flats were granted to developers. That keeps the supply high and widens the choice, which is especially important for families with kids.

Transport in Tri-City

Transport is very important for every family. Using your own car in Tri-City is cheaper than for a citizen of Warsaw or other major cities, thanks to less congestion, which translates into decreased fuel consumption. This also saves our precious time and nerves…

The Tri-City has one of the most advanced public transportation systems in Poland. Well-developed bus, tram and trolley routes, along with fast urban railway provide quick access from every suburban district to the city centre. Most of the monthly tickets, depending on the configuration, hardly ever cost more than 100 zl. Students can buy cheaper semester tickets with their ID’s. Smaller kids that are below the school age can travel alongside their parents absolutely free of charge. Without any limitations!

Education and entertainment

Costs of living, including basic needs, education, and entertainment, are hard to estimate due to differences between the expectations of various families. Data gathered by Numbeo can help us compare these costs in Warsaw and Tri-City. A meal in a Gdansk restaurant is at least 20% cheaper than in the Polish capital and basic groceries can cost about 8% less.

According to Numbeo, an average monthly kindergarten fee in Gdansk is 866 zl while in Warsaw it can reach even 1,400 zl.  Users tend to claim that an average cinema ticket costs 22 zl, booking a tennis court during the weekend costs 47.27 zl per hour, 125zl on average is the monthly cost of a fitness club/gym. When considering the relocation, it is best to independently analyse and compare the prices from various portals with actual prices from one’s place of living. It is also worth remembering that average salaries in the business sector in Tri-City are among the highest in Poland.

A great place for families

Leaving aside the costs one must admit that Tri-City is an interesting place to grow up and live. It fulfils cultural requirements of the most demanding citizens, thanks to many museums, theatres and science centres. Tri-City lacks no places of entertainment for whole families, and places like Park Oliwski, The Reagan Park, Kepa Redlowska and long stretches of beautiful beaches guarantee leisure and recreation in a pleasant environment. You don’t have to travel across the entire city to spend quality time outdoors with your kids. A long, railroad journey isn’t necessary to take them to the seaside. In about fifteen minutes everybody can enjoy every attraction of the glamorous Tri-City.

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