Famous themed spots in Tricity

When it comes to restaurants, cafés and bars, what matters most is good food (and drinks, of course). Therefore, when looking for a seat for a dinner, date or evening out, the menu is our main focus. However, the competition in the market is so fierce that tasty dishes are no longer enough. A good place has to stand out. The atmosphere, unique decor and style of the place are a real lure attracting customers. Themed places are gaining more and more popularity. We have prepared a small overview of Tricity spots with a theme. Enjoy!

Cats are men's best friend

Our list is opened by the cat cafés, we have two of them in the Tricity! One in Gdańsk – Kotka Cafe is not only a place where you can drink delicious coffee, but also a temporary home for our small, furry friends. Kotka Cafe’s residents can be adopted. So, you can go out for a coffee, and come back with your new cat friend – this is possible only in Kotka Cafe! Another cafe for cat lovers is Gdynia’s Biały Kot. It’s a typical pet cafe. The animals are there to keep the customers entertained during the coffee break, and vice versa – the customers come there to pet the furries and keep them company “at work”.

Kotka CafePolanki 124d, 80-324 Gdańsk

Biały Kot Władysława IV 7-15/ apt nr 4, 81-353 Gdynia

From New York to Gdańsk

Are there any fans of the series Friends? Recently, there was a special episode on HBO where actors and fans were able to recall the old days. Although there will be no new season (for now), the spirit of the series is clearly still alive. For example, in the Coffee Perk café in Gdańsk Oliwa. The restaurant is decorated in the style of the famous Central Perk café, where the characters of the series used to hang out. You can sit down on a colourful sofa that you know from the screen and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of delicious cake, and of course watch an episode of the series, which is broadcasted here non-stop. A paradise for the fans of Ross, Rachel and the crew!

Coffee PerkOpata Jacka Rybińskiego 9, 80-320 Gdańsk

Old cinema vibes

We also have something for classic cinema and retro style lovers. Old days, old movies and tasty coffee go well together! In the Retro cafe, as you can imagine, the atmosphere is not from this era. Old photos, carefully selected vintage furniture and accessories such as a typewriter, gramophone or an old radio. All this builds a unique atmosphere. On the other hand, the W Starym Kadrze café gives you not only an opportunity to taste delicious movie-themed coffees (like Roman Holidays or Chinatown) in a stylish interior, but also to enjoy the classics (like Roman Holidays or Chinatown) on the big screen! Film screenings are held here every day at specific times, and the timetable is available on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Retro  Piwna 5/6, 80-831 Gdańsk

W Starym KadrzeLawendowa 2/3, 80-840 Gdańsk

Next train station... food hall

How about putting a train in a restaurant? The creators of the Stacji Food Hall located in Galeria Metropolia came up with such an original idea. The restaurant looks like the interior of a railway station. In addition to the eye-catching train, we also have characteristic railway arches and signs. Even the seats are reminiscent of the compartments we know from the old SKM trains. The Food Hall station is a unique place not only because of its style, but also its offer. It is not one restaurant, but a collection of a dozen or so “food trucks” serving dishes from all over the world (we have Georgian, Asian, Italian, Spanish and Syrian cuisine). The whole thing is linked by the railway atmosphere of the Food Hall Station, which is, by the way, located just above the real railway station – Gdańsk Wrzeszcz!

Stacja Food Hall – Jana Kilińskiego 4, 80-266 Gdańsk

Machines, Games and other frolics

Of course, we cannot forget about fans of games – computer, board and vintage. And in the Tricity there is no shortage of such places. First, we have the Cybermachina chain, the pubs are located both in Gdańsk and Gdynia. It is an ideal place for pop culture amateurs. The interiors have been carefully designed using pixel-style elements, characters known from games, movies, series, etc. So we will meet Pokémon, Star Wars heroes or The Witcher. Customers can choose from various types of games – there are classic, old-school slot machines, billiard tables, PCs, retro video games, and a huge collection of board games. All can be rented and played with friends on the spot. The menu is also created to fit the atmosphere of the place, all items on the menu refer to pop culture (especially games). Cocktail Bar Pixel, apart from the original menu (some of the best cocktails in town were invented here!) offers its customers a chance to return to the carefree times of childhood, especially all the 30- and 40-year-olds brought up before the PlayStation era will appreciate it. You can play all-time classics such as Mario or Contra, shoot the ducks with the vintage gaming gun and, if you’re too young to remember, you can see what the pixels look like on the 12-inch screen 🙂 Board games fans have a huge selection of interesting spots in the Tricity. One of them is Igranie w Lochu in Gdynia as well as Game Over or Graciarnia in Gdańsk.

Cybermachina Gdańsk – Okopowa 7, 80-033 Gdańsk

Cybermachina Gdynia – skwer Kościuszki 15, 81-372 Gdynia

Pixel Spichrzowa 22/1, 80-750 Gdańsk

Game Over – Tkacka 27, 80-836 Gdańsk

Igranie w Lochu – Świętojańska 63 Gdynia

GraciarniaDmowskiego 15 Gdańsk

Something for small and big

There also is a place created specially for the little ones and their parents. Mini Świat in Sopot is a place that stimulates the imagination. Not only the children, but also adults. The interior of the restaurant imitates a pleasant, colorful town, where you can play any role you can imagine, using miniature houses. The café part offers a wide selection of drinks and pastries. It is a place for people of all ages, the youngest can count on creative fun, and adults – a great coffee.

Mini Świat – ul. Aleja Niepodległości 642-644/2, 81-854 Sopot

There is no shortage of thematic places in the Tri-City, we do not always have to be guided by the cuisine offered. Sometimes it is the decor and atmosphere that make our visit unforgettable.


cover photo – nasze miasto gdańsk

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