Foreign students choose Pomerania

Every year more students from abroad are studying at Polish universities. In the 2020/2021 academic year, it is already 85,000 people. A large number of them choose Tricity universities, which attract with attractive study programs, an excellent research base and a unique location.

Studying in Poland is becoming more popular

Last academic year, a total of 1.2 million people studied at Polish universities, of which 82,000, i.e. as much as 6.8%, were students from abroad ( in-last-academic-year-in-Poland-studied-over-82-thousand-foreigners.html). This academic year, as reported by the Central Statistical Office, there are as many as 85,000 foreigners in Poland. This is an impressive number, especially when we consider the growth rate of interest in Polish universities. Ten years ago, only slightly over 8,000 foreigners studied in Poland. The tenfold increase in the number of foreign students over the last decade is a success for Polish universities. This growing trend proves the attractiveness of our universities and their growing prestige in the world of science.

Among the foreigners coming to study in Poland, the largest group are students from Europe, accounting for about 60% of all foreign students at Polish universities. Most people come from Ukraine, Belarus, Spain and Turkey. Polish universities also educate students from Asia, mainly from India, China, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Students come to Poland primarily under the Erasmus and European student exchange program, which allows them to go to study at foreign universities within the EU for up to one year. In the case of students from outside the EU, the Polish program of cooperation and national exchange NAWA helps to organize a trip to study in Poland. Students will also receive support upon arrival in the country. At each university, there is a special unit that deals with foreign students and student organizations that help students who come to our country. International student organizations such as:

Pomeranian universities open to foreigners

Pomeranian universities open for more foreigner students

Which courses are most often chosen by our foreign alumni? The most popular among our guests are fields of study such as telecommunications sciences (42 thousand), business, administration and law (24 thousand), social sciences, journalism, information (12 thousand), health and social welfare (almost 11 thousand). (


The top universities most frequently chosen by foreign students are the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University. Pomeranian universities record a steadily growing interest among foreigners. The offer of universities higher education institutions in Pomerania is broad. The most willingly chosen location is undoubtedly the Tri-City. In Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, foreign students can choose from over a dozen public and private universities. The faculties at the Medical University of Gdańsk are particularly popular. Each year more foreigners are also choosing technical faculties like IT at the Gdansk University of Technology.

The University of Technology is favoured among foreigners. GUT is the oldest technical education institution in the country, but also one of ten Polish scientific institutions with the statute of a research university. At the same time it is ranked the highest in Poland. At the moment, there are 4 Research Centers at PG: Bio-Tech-Med Center, Eco-Tech Center, Center for Materials of the Future, Center for Digital Technologies. The status of a research university gives GUT students and lecturers new opportunities for development and also favours the promotion of their research projects in Poland and in the world. The alumni acquire theoretical knowledge and scientific titles and also learn how to create and implement innovative solutions. In such important and future-oriented areas as security, digital technologies, climate protection, and obtaining and converting energy. As a technical university, GUT also supports creating startups, including artificial intelligence or IOT (Internet of Things).

However, not only lovers of science will find a place for themselves in the Tri-City. The University of Gdańsk is one of the most respected humanities universities in the country. For many years it has been at the forefront of the best Polish universities. The top 10 most popular faculties at the University of Gdańsk include mainly (in the order according to the number of candidates for one place in the 2020/2021 academic year): criminology, English philology, management of artistic institutions, psychology and Scandinavian studies. Nobody would dare to question the popularity and prestige of the Medical University of Gdańsk. Over 6,000 people study here. The university offers faculties such as medical analytics, pharmacy, physiotherapy, medicine, dentistry and health psychology. The most popular fields of study are medicine, dentistry and dentistry, pharmacy and medical analytics. Importantly, in many popular fields of study, classes are conducted entirely in English. You can study pharmacy, nursing and medicine in English.

In Gdynia, there are the only universities in Poland educating in professions related to the sea – the Maritime University and the Naval Academy. Heroes of Westerplatte. UMG educates merchant fleet officers and engineering and managerial staff for the maritime economy and the coastal region. Popular fields of study include IT, innovative economy, mechanics and machine construction, and electrical engineering. Among 66 foreigners studying at the University, 36 chose the maritime specialization. Both civil and military students can study at the Naval Academy. In the case of civil studies, you can choose from: navigation, automation and robotics, mechatronics, national security, internal security, information systems in security, state maritime security, space and satellite technologies, international relations, pedagogy and maritime studies. Military students study in the fields of navigation, computer science, mechatronics, mechanics and machine construction.

Studying in Tricity has many advantages. Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot have an excellent academic base, qualified staff and modern research centres. Broad employment prospects are no less important for foreign and Polish students. Ease of finding an open vacancy in your dream job is one of the main factors for many young people who decide to study in Pomerania. After all, the largest companies from the IT and BSS sectors have their headquarters here. The dynamically developing Tricity is a sea of opportunities for students.

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