Free apps for learning Polish language

If you didn’t know Polish is not exactly an easy language, rather it has been voted as one of the top 5 most difficult languages in the world! But, if you are anything like us, adding Polish to your arsenal of superpowers is a challenge you will relish! Earlier, we would have given you a list to twenty words and the addresses of a few language schools, but not anymore! Why do you need a full time classroom when you can use apps.

One of the biggest advantages of learning with the support of an app is its 24/7 availability. As everything is stored in the memory of your phone or instantly available online, you can study anytime during the day. Whether you are on the bus or waiting at the doctor’s, all you need to do is just take out your phone and do the lesson. There are also other fantastic benefits. Many apps have features that make language learning tailor-made, they let you choose topics, keep track of your progress and manage your revisions. But that’s not all – they can also provide positive feedback after progress –  most of the programmes generously congratulate their users upon any achievements. To keep up your motivation some go even further and let you compete with other learners. 

 Here are a few of our recommended free app that will help you master Polish and have you speaking like a native in no time!


Over 8 million users make Duolingo one of the most popular solutions worldwide when it comes to language learning. This app is easy to use and has a very friendly interface. Thanks to bite-size lessons studying is simple and uncomplicated, and the process feels more a game rather than a course. Topics are introduced gradually and progress is regularly measured. You can also set up individual goals with reference to time and level and get instant notifications on your results. Overall Duolingo has a very comprehensive approach to language learning taking care of all aspects of the process.

Learn Polish, Speak Polish

Colourful and visually pleasant, the app teaches core words, basic grammar and sentence formation. Lessons are short, divided into themed packs and a lot of emphasis is put on conversational skills. Authors boast state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, a nice advantage for those who want to improve their accent. Those who complete the course will master over 5000 useful words and phrases. Features like these make this app a great choice for those who have a long-term goal of advanced language mastery.

Learn Polish Fast and Free

This app will teach you all the basics in a themed and structured way. Whether it’s small talk about the weather, finding out the time or ordering food at a restaurant. If you go over all the lessons scrupulously you should be ready to face the most common linguistic challenges. Games and quizzes make memorizing words and phrases easy and pleasant. Though you can certainly find more comprehensive apps on the market, if all you need is just basic language structures, this app is certainly worth trying. It is not only free but also lets you learn Polish without an Internet connection.

Learn Polish Free Offline For Travel

This app was designed by Polish language experts to help those who want to use it for travelling. We recommend it to those who need just the basics – numbers, dates, greetings, groceries and simple communication at the hotel or the office. Topics are divided into clear sections and there is a nice choice of most common phrases. The app is free to use and is also available offline.

Tandem Language Exchange

But what if you want to start practising conversations? Here is an option.You can always check the Tandem Language Exchange which matches speakers of different languages to help them master each other’s language. However, at some point, you just have to gather up the courage and start talking to real people and use Polish in real-life situations. If you worry about making mistakes then remember that the old adage is still true: practice makes perfect. The sooner you start, the faster you will reach your goal.

Final Thought

As you see there are plenty of possibilities to master vocabulary and grammar and get started on learning the language. With some of the apps, you can also polish your Polish pronunciation which will prepare you for real dialogues. All the best!

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