Higher education in Pomerania

This year secondary school-leaving examination is conducted later than usual but the question remains the same – what comes after? Not everyone has already chosen a course at a dream university. Many graduates wish to continue education and earn a degree even though they don’t have any specific plans. Regardless of which group you belong to, you certainly have been considering a few options to increase the chances of getting admitted. Public university or private school with fees? A popular course or something new and untraditional? How to approach Pomeranian institutions of higher education? Which of them are the best for you?

Pomeranian universities and colleges are mainly located in Tricity. It has very promising prospects of further development and is attractive in terms of employment opportunities in the future while maintaining one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the whole country.

University of Gdańsk

One of the most popular higher education institutions in the region. Even though it was established only 50 years ago, it was placed as high as the fifth on the list of classical Polish universities in 2019. Secondary school graduates are able to pursue courses at the faculties of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Languages, History, Management, Social Science, Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Oceanography and Geography as well as Law and Administration among others. The most preferred academic courses in the last few years were Criminology (15 candidates per place), language studies including English Studies and Scandinavian Studies, new courses such as Audio-Visual Production, Health Institutions Management or Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis. Both Psychology and Informatics have attracted unwavering interest for the last couple of years.

Gdańsk University of Technology

One of the two institutions in the voivodeship (with the University of Gdańsk) and the only technical university in Poland which was included in the classification of the best higher education institutions in the world – QS World University Rankings 2020. Those willing to gain technical knowledge may choose between the vast list of faculties ranging from Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, futuristic Nanotech program as well as Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology. They are much valued by Pomeranian employers. The academic programme may not be easy, however, the graduates may count on well-paid jobs. Students’ achievements are a testimony to the high level of teaching and innovation. These achievements include but are not limited to SentiOne, online listening and reputation management tool, IVONA we all know and the invention of biodegrabadle plastic, or numerous patents and awards.

Medical University of Gdańsk

For a high school graduate with a calling for the medical professional, GUMed is a natural choice. The Medical University of Gdańsk is deemed as one of the top medical universities in the country and the only one with the official status of a research-oriented institution of this kind. Extensive research facilities, infrastructure, the largest medical library in the voivodeship and above all, high quality of education that allows gaining both theoretical and practical knowledge to practice all medical professions. In addition to the traditional faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences with Subfaculty of Nursing and Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine,  and Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, there is a brand new second-cycle specialization of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry. This course was awarded the certificate ‘Studies with a future’ in 2019.

Polish Naval Academy

If you’re interested or you’re taking into consideration a career in the army, The Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia might be right for you. The university is famous for its modern facilities, equipment, laboratory and simulators. Among the most popular military courses, you’ll find Navigation, Informatics and Mechanical Engineering. The latest additions are Information Systems in Security and Mechatronics with a speciality in Underwater Engineering. 

you are  not particularly fond of the military? You can still find something of interest here and submit your application for the faculties of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Command and Naval Operations, Navigation and Naval Weapons or even Humanities and Social Sciences.

Gdynia Maritime University

This is another study option in the city. It’s the largest public maritime university in Poland educating specialists in the field of the maritime industry. Study programmes at the faculties of Electrical and Maritime Engineering, Nautical Science and Entrepreneurship and Commodities as well as part-time courses are well adjusted to the needs of the market enabling its graduates to secure well-paid jobs in the future.

Academy of Fine Arts

The wide range of public university courses in Tricity is well complemented by the faculties offered by Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, located in the centre of the Old Town. If you’re a more creative kind of a person who conveys emotions through art, this institution will help you to spread your wings. Faculties of Architecture and Design, Graphic Arts, Painting or Sculpture and Intermedia will allow you to find your own means of expression and develop passions. The students get engaged in many events organised on a regular basis during which they have the chance to establish themselves as artists. Some of these are the nationwide Exhibition of the Best Diplomas of Fine Arts Academy, casting or typography workshops and Night of Museums. The academy established exchange agreements with universities in Europe and Asia to enrich students’ experiences. Finding employment is easier due to the cooperation with the local cultural institutions and business centres.

Private Institutions

Despite their wide offer, sometimes public universities may not always have what someone is looking for and this is where private institutions come in. One of the renown private higher vocational education institutions is WSB University. Faculties of Finance and Management and Economics and Management enable students to earn education within a chosen field of interest while maintaining the balance between work, education and private life.

Gdańsk School of Higher Education was placed on the map of the most important institutions of its kind because of the highly competent and qualified staff. It’s a significant argument in favour of those considering non-public education but doubtful about the quality of teaching. Among the more unconventional courses, a candidate can choose Criminology, an alternative for the UG course with the highest number of applicants, or one of the recent additions such as Law with Business and Public Health.


Similarly to GSW, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities also employs experienced academic staff. The quality of teaching is indicated by the recognition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the National Science Centre. In Sopot you’ll be able to study Psychology.

Tricity is not the only destination

There’s unquestionably a wide choice of courses in Tricity, but we shouldn’t forget about another important higher education centre in Pomeranian Voivodeship, namely Słupsk. It’s definitely worth taking a closer look at its Pomeranian University. Some of the interesting courses are National Security, Sociocybernetics, Dietetics and Technical and IT Education. They will surely attract the attention of numerous secondary school graduates!

Final Thought

A great selection of both public and private higher education institutions in the Pomeranian region, especially in Tricity makes it possible to present only a part of them. Still, everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of the interests. The institutions are finely adjusted to the labour market and allow for development and professional career in Pomeranian Voivodeship. At the same time, the hardships of education will certainly be eased by the accompanying student culture with its vibrant clubs and attractive social events.

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