How to write a charming CV for Pomeranian employers

Job market in Pomerania becomes more and more interesting for Poles as well as those from all across Europe. Salaries here are higher than Polish average, living conditions are very approachable. Pomerania is also a great place for high-end promising IT companies and for those who provide modern business services. A well-prepared CV is the first step to take into consideration while one wants to impress local firms and global giants operating here. Follow our tips!

Pomeranian job market

Marine-based industry and international trade are traditionally the biggest players in the regional market. However nowadays business services are the fastest developing sector in Pomerania. For now it’s 5648 companies in ICT sector, 135 companies in the business service sector (according to ABSL), and new arise every day. Companies specialized in HR, finances, accounting, logistics and transport are among the most dynamic.

According to the report on regional economic situation in 2015, Pomerania lacked qualified drivers, builders, welders and It specialists. Tri-City provides great opportunities especially for the last ones. Occupational barometer is worth checking while considering moving to Pomerania. Finding a job will not be hard for any specialist. What are the vital elements of CV? How to boost your chances?

Mandatory elements

Every CV should be in a standard format. Some elements are crucial and these are: personal data, contact details (e-mail address should be professional, and include candidates surname) and a professional photograph which showcases the candidate.

Professional experience is the most important element of one’s CV. It should present our career chronologically from the last job, to the present one. Here we list our duties and present the tasks we handled professionally, which authenticate our expertise. The education section should also be counter-chronological. High school information, and previous experience descriptions are redundant.

Other things worth mentioning in a CV are languages we speak and their level of fluency. Certificates will be very welcome. Next, we present our skills and it would be best if they matched our professional experience. Personal interests should not be avoided. Potential employer judges us also by information in this section, as we could be his/her future colleague and similar interests in this situation can go a long way. Our hobbies can indicate our ambition and eloquence. One should always remember to include Personal Data Protection Act clause to the document, which is required by employers to enable future contact.

Common sense tells us that CV should fit on one page. It surely looks way better that way, but it is not the most important factor. The recruiter will seek information that are most valuable for a particular kind of job, so strict self-limitation is not necessary.

Adapting to job offers

One perfect CV is a great tool one could use to send to every employer, but it will not always be the best choice, especially while applying for slightly different jobs. It’s is best to adapt one’s CV to specific job expectations and emphasize the skills that are vital for the position. If not, our CV will simply fall out of the game even though we perfectly fit the position.

Are CV templates useful?

Layout of our CV is also important for recruiters. While applying for a job in marketing, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is welcome, but in most cases, sticking to the standard template is enough. For less experienced job-seekers can use ready-made CV templates. They can be found for example at, CARRD, SUMRY, CVMRK. Motivational letter tips are also worth reading, as sometimes they make a difference in the recruitment process.

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