Important numbers in the time of emergency

Regardless of whether you are visiting or living in the region, it is very important for you to know the right emergency numbers. Knowing these numbers could mean the difference between life and death in some cases. The good news is that almost all emergency lines have English speakers Here are the numbers for Pomerania.

112/911 – Emergency number

If you need police help, call the emergency number. If you are a witness to a road accident or a victim/perpetrator, please call this number The emergency number operator will collect the necessary data from you and inform the necessary services. Also, call this number if you are a witness or victim of crime.

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Photo by Hamza El Falah on Unsplash

999 – Medical emergency

This is the number you call if you are facing a health emergency or see someone facing a health emergency.

998 – Fire Brigade

The fire brigade is your go-to in case of a fire or if you have any wildlife infestation.

986 – Municipal Police

Call them if you see dead animals or an animal threat, e.g. Dogs, wild boars. Also, use this number when someone has parked incorrectly or prevents you from leaving the parking lot.

991- energy emergency.

Call them if you have lost power at home or in your neighborhood.

994 – plumbers emergency

Call when you don’t have water in your home, or if the pipes have burst or any other major plumbing emergency.

Alarm 112 application – application for Android and IOS phones

You can use this application in an emergency where you cannot call. With the app, you can notify the services that you need help. At present, the application works in Polish. To start using it, you must register by entering your name, surname, and ID number/document you use to identify yourself.

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Remember that when calling the emergency number try to be calm, do not shout. The person on the other side always wants to help you. If you do not speak Polish, please say in which language you would like to speak. If the operator is a person who does not speak the language you speak (e.g. English, Russian, German, Ukrainian), he will switch you to the person who speaks the language. At the beginning of the conversation, say where you are calling from, city, street, house number. The service will not be able to help you without the exact address. Provide the most important information, and above all remain calm.

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