Juwenalia in Tri-City – A Fun Opportunity for Students!

As usually, May is the time for celebration for Tri-City students and music enthusiasts. The majority of this year’s Juwenalia celebrations are already over. It has been a great fun, but it’s not finished yet! What has happened during Juwenalia 2019 in Gdansk? How much of this holiday is still ahead of us?

Gdansk Juwenalia Are Already Over

On May 11th, the old shipyard premises hosted Gdansk Juwenalia, which were organised this year by 6 public universities. The scale of the event was truly grand, with concerts played on seven different stages at the same time. There was a little something for everybody. The events on the main stage were kicked off at quarter past four by a concert performed by Lady Pank. Next, to hip-hop fans’ delight, Tede appeared on the stage, followed by Nocny Kochanek, a band which appealed to fans of heavier music and good humour. Other performers which played on the main stage that day were Krzysztof Zalewski and Bass Astral x Igo. At the same time, concerts on the other stages featured Bovska, XXanaXX and Muchy.

After midnight, the party continued on ul. Elektryków and in Gdansk’s clubs till the crack of dawn. The audiences drawn to the celebrations this year were huge, which proves that co-organising Juwenalia by the University of Gdansk, the Gdansk University of Technology, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Medical University of Gdansk, the Gdansk University of Physical Education and the Gdansk Musical Academy is a great idea. The participants hope that they’ll be able to meet in similar circumstances next year. As always, the event was not only open to Tri-City students, but also to all people who are full of age.

Koncert LADY PANK Juwenalia w Trójmieście
Koncert TEDE Juwenalia w Trójmieście
Foto. Sylwester Ciszek
Koncert Nocny Kochanek Juwenalia w Trójmieście

The Gdansk University of Technology Partied Too – Special Attractions during Technikalia 2019

Before the final act of this year’s Juwenalia in Tri-City played itself, the Gdansk University of Technology had a great share of fun too. Technikalia 2019 lasted 3 days, between 8th and 10th May. The events of Wednesday centred around sports contests, tournaments and games. On Thursday, Wielkie Igrzyska PG (the Grand University of Technology Games) were held. The students could also take advantage of an outdoor cinema and karaoke, which was slightly delayed but did not disappoint. Other attractions, such as student bands’ concerts or food trucks, were organised on Friday, 10th of May. Technikalia were closed with the evening concert of Big Cyc and Letni Chamski Podryw.

Plac Zebrań Ludowych Juwenalia w Trójmieście
Foto. Sylwester Ciszek
SURF BURGER Juwenalia w Trójmieście
Foto. Sylwester Ciszek

Hip-Hop Fans Are Waiting for Delfinalia

The student holiday in Tri-City is not over yet. On 24th and 25th May, on Molo Południowe (Southern Pier) in Gdynia, students will meet at concerts which should satisfy hip-hop lovers. Delfinalia, which is organised by the Maritime University and Naval Academy students, is amongst the biggest student festivals in Poland; the event is worth visiting because its venue, chosen since 2016, creates a truly unique atmosphere.

On Friday, Dwa Sławy, Otsochodzi and Bedoes will give their concerts, while on Saturday, 25th May, PlanBe, PRO8L3M and HEMP GRU will perform on the large stage on Molo Południowe. A two-day ticket for the event costs 70 zlotys. A ticket for the first day is 35 zlotys and for the second day is 45 zlotys. However, music isn’t everything. There are other attractions planned for the event: bowling, beach volleyball and swimming competitions, as well as RedBull Game Day and flanki (a student variation of boules involving a beer can, as well as bee drinking in a team).

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