Kayaking and sailing in Pomerania

The summer is exceptionally warm this year, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking for a way to cool down by the water. When you think of Pomerania, the first thing that comes to mind is the Baltic Sea, but catching the wind in sails and paddling can also be done in countless lakes and rivers of the region. Which of them are best for kayaking and sailing and which are best fit for your sailing skills? Let us save you the trouble of picking random places, here are a few of our favourites.

The first paddle splashes

Haven’t kayaked before? Be smart and choose beginner trails that are forgiving and allow you to learn and master basic skills. What skills, you ask? Well, to start with, you need to learn how to paddle to move forward rather than going round in circles. Another important skill could be to learn how to navigate around branches and other obstacles and most importantly how to not imitate a submarine!

Go with the flow or hit the waves

A great way to learn kayaking is a trip through the Piaśnica river from Lake Żarnowieckie to the mouth of the river in Dąbki. The route is approximately 7 km long and is described as very easy, therefore it is also suitable for children. It leads through the Piaśnickie Łąki Nature Reserve, a part of the Coastal Landscape Park. The river is very clean, surrounded by tall reeds in many places. It makes it very tempting to put your feet outside into the cool water at least for a moment. On the way, we pass meadows, fields and forests, a watchful eye can spot crouching does and stags lurking among the trees, or cranes wading in the water. The more daring and advanced paddlers can even finish their trip by kayaking into the sea and facing the sea waves.

Beware the beavers

You will be initiated to the next level of kayaking when you go on a rafting trip on the Wda River, a very popular and at the same time one of the longest rivers of the Bory Tucholskie. The trail is relatively easy, the fast current of the river makes it easier to navigate, therefore the route is recommended for people who prefer to relax, sunbathe and admire the lush nature. The part between Lipusz and Tleń is especially worth choosing because of a 140 km long picturesque route. But don’t worry, you don’t have to kayak the entire route! You may choose any two points within this distance to taste adventure, admire the views and … the architecture created by the local beavers! Thanks to them you’ll be making a lot of zigzags to avoid fallen trees and branches. We especially recommend the 22 km long stretch from Lipusz to Wdzydze. The river will take you through the beautiful Bory Tucholskie and Wdzydzki Landscape Park and the so-called “Kashubian Sea”, where as many as five lakes connect. Traditional houses, open-air museums and mills are perfect for a short break for sightseeing.

Catch the wind in your sails in Kashubia

Wdzydze Kiszewskie is also an ideal place for sailing. No matter whether you have a license and own a yacht, or prefer a peaceful cruise with the rented yacht and an experienced skipper. Yachts can be chartered at Stanica Wodna PTTK and at other marinas in the daily or long-term option. The above-mentioned Kashubian Sea and Lake Wdzydze, which is the largest pool in the Kashubian Lake District, provide excellent conditions for practicing this sport. There are numerous islands on the lakes – habitats of many species of marsh birds, where it is worth mooring and enjoying bird watching.

Aye aye Captain!

Who as a child did not pretend to be a pirate and dreamt of adventures at sea? In the Tricity harbours and yacht marinas, you will find many boats intended for charter. Experienced sailors can go for a bareboat charter while newbies craving thrills will get their own skipper and the crew. The charter offer is addressed to both individuals and groups and you can choose the destination yourself. Popular one-day cruises from Gdańsk run on the routes Gdańsk – Sopot – Gdynia – Gdańsk, Gdańsk – Hel – Gdańsk and to Gdańsk – Jastarnia – Gdańsk. If you don’t have time for long trips, we recommend starting with short routes. Why not see familiar places from a new perspective? We suggest starting a cruise in the Wisłoujście Fortress and ending in Sobieszewo or in the Gdańsk Old Town. This year you can also try night cruises around the historic Gdańsk Shipyard.

Fall in love with the Brda

For those who prefer paddles to sails and require a little more from a kayaking trip than a lazy current and a wide trough, we advise Brda. This river is considered by many to be the most beautiful kayaking route in the country. It has numerous lakes and primeval forests on its shores. Our proposed section – Mylof – Brda village (17 km) is one of many interesting parts of the river. This is the area where the current of the Brda accelerates and the river narrows and meanders, creating a small gorge. The varied landscape and nature will make it difficult for you to leave this place after just one day.

Raising the bar at the Łupawa

Seasoned kayakers looking for challenges, who are not afraid of portages and rocky rapids, will certainly be interested in Łupawa, especially in the section from Kozin to Łupawa village (19 km) That provides the experience of a swift mountain river. Believe us, the nuisance of getting off your kayak just to move it a few meters further to be able to continue kayaking will be totally forgotten when faced with the exciting, wild current of Łupawa. Due to the degree of difficulty on the Łupawa River, as on other swift rivers, single-person kayaks equipped with spraydecks are definitely recommended. You have to take into account the water splashing inside the kayak and the inevitable capsizing, so kayaking down the Łupawa is not for the faint of heart or for those who are afraid to get wet.

Whitewater kayaking near the Tricity

The Słupia river, especially Rynna Sulęczyńska, is a paradise for thrill-seekers with advanced skills. You will start the kayaking trip from the aforementioned quite demanding section, which will provide you with an adrenaline rush. You didn’t manage to take a good photo? No problem! You can bring your kayak back upstream and have a go again! Protruding boulders and the rapid current of the river, as well as a narrow bed and deep, green ravines, give way to fallen trees at a later stage. The current calms down and you can look around and soak up the beauty of nature. The nearly 13-kilometre journey can be ended in Parchów. Don’t forget to bring waterproof bags for electronic equipment!

Thanks to the richness of nature, the diversity of the terrain and numerous rivers, lakes and proximity to the sea, Pomerania has excellent conditions for practising water sports. All you have to do is think about the conditions that give us the greatest fun. Later, all that’s left is to gather the crew and test the waters!

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