Plan your studies

Student finance

The saying “as poor as a student” does not necessarily have to be true. If you take good care of your finances, it is very likely that you can make savings and in case of some bigger expenses, such as courses or additional trainings, you can always take out a student loan.

Student ID card

The standard document confirming your student status is your student ID card, which entitles you to discounts. The main discounts obtained with a student ID card are on:

  • public transport (buses, trams, trolley buses - reduced fare - 50%) - a season ticket can be encoded on the student ID card - you have everything in one place!
  • PKP/SKM trains (51%)
  • PKS coaches (20%)
  • tickets to the cinema and to other cultural events etc.
  • the gym - a ‘beactive’ subscription for students with a valid ID card
  • purchases in pubs, clubs and cafes - it is always worth checking at the bar whether they offer a student discount

You have to remember to renew the validity stamp on your student ID card at the Student’s Office after each semester!

Student loan

Student loans with interest rates subsidized by the government budget. They are granted by commercial banks. You can file your application in:

  • PKO Bank Polski S.A.,
  • Bank PEKAO S.A.,
  • Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A. (and affiliated cooperative banks)
  • SGB-Bank S.A. (and affiliated cooperative banks),
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