(Polski) Cost of living in Pomerania – young family

Do you dream of living by the sea? You are not the only one! Many young families with children see their future here. They are tempted by the vision of weekend walks on the beach and bike trips through Kashubian forests, clean air and countless attractions that Pomerania offers. However, apart from the attractive location, the cost of living in our region is of great importance when deciding to move here. What are the prices like in comparison to previous years? Check below (last article).

Cost of apartment

Tricity tempts primarily very good living conditions for young families. A large number of green areas, proximity to the sea, a variety of tourist attractions, which residents can enjoy on special terms encourages migration from other parts of Poland and abroad. Another argument in favour of choosing this particular location is the prices of apartments. Although Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and their surroundings are typically tourist destinations, the price per square metre of an apartment is lower here than in many European cities. 

According to numbeo the cost of living in Gdansk is 50% lower than in Paris, 30% lower than in Berlin or Hamburg and 26% lower than in Madrid. It is about 9 000/sqm on average, but it is also possible to find cheaper places. Local portals and Facebook groups come to the rescue: https://www.facebook.com/groups/623003987892045 Renting a 3-room apartment (outside the city centre) costs around 3000-4000 PLN. It is 5% lower than in other Polish cities. Taking into account that the average salary in Tricity is about 3300 PLN, even couples earning near the average can easily maintain themselves in this city. Expenses on utilities and rent are an additional cost of about 800 PLN per month for 85 square meters of space.

Wychowywanie dziecka

According to the Adam Smith Center, the average family spends from 190 to 210 thousand zlotys on raising a child to the age of 18. Costs associated with food, care, education, development of the child is a very important element of the household budget – the cost of raising a child to the age of 18.

Of course, much depends on the financial possibilities of the family, but for many young couples, Tricity seems to be the perfect place for families. They can count on considerable support. Gdansk Large Family Card entitles to free travel on public transport. With a card Gdynia Rodzinna, you and your close ones can count on a number of discounts in many interesting places to spend a family afternoon or weekend. This is only the beginning of various promotions prepared for families with children. More of them (e.g. Gdańsk Lion Card, Metropolitan Culture Card) you can acquire at https://familytime.pl/z-rodzina-taniej/.

Tri-City also stands out with a very good educational base. The level of public education is high. More and more modern buildings are being built all the time. The number of private schools is also growing. If you plan to educate your child in a private school, you have to reckon with the cost of 800 PLN for a kindergarten with full-day care or about 1500 PLN for a primary or secondary school. Tricity offers many additional free activities for children. However, in the case of robotics or karate, you have to pay about 100-200 PLN for a month of classes once a week. 

A huge plus for families with children is the large number of green areas in the Tricity. In Gdansk you can visit for example the old city parks:  Oliwski, Jelitkowski, Brzeźnieński, Oruński, Steffens, Kuźniczki. The Land of Fun awaits all kids in President Ronald Reagan Park. A great place for a weekend getaway is the City Fortifications Culture Park “Gdańsk Fortress”, where you can learn about the history of 19th-century forts. You can gain knowledge of physics, biology and astronomy at the Hewelianum Centre.

Daily expenses

According to the Statistics Poland report on households, a three-person family spends around 1000 – 1200 PLN on food. Of course, it is important to plan shopping, prepare an appropriate list, do shopping as a rule once a week. In this way, it is possible to significantly limit accidental purchases which are not based on real needs.

Young families much less frequently take advantage of bar and restaurant offers. If you feel like eating out, check out some recommendations. Many small Tricity pubs prove that good food doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it’s better to avoid the main tourist routes, here you will always pay more. It’s worth checking out family-friendly restaurants, with green areas, sandpits and playgrounds. Some have a sea view, others their own beach. You can find an up-to-date list for example here. By the way, you can check the family time, where information about interesting cultural and entertainment events, workshops are published on a regular basis. Why not combine a Saturday walk with lunch and a visit to an interesting place?

In the Tricity, the public health service is relatively well developed, but like the whole health sector in Poland, it has some problems. If you need private care, be sure to use portals such as https://www.znanylekarz.pl. Not only will you get specific opinions about the specialist, but you can also compare visits to several competing places.

For clothes, a Polish family of 3 or 4 people spends about 120-180 PLN per month. Most of this amount is children’s clothes. Instead of buying things in high season, you can wait for sales. instead of buying things in high season, you can wait for sales. Many clothes or shoes for children can be bought in advance at a bargain price. In this way, you can really save a lot of money.

Tricity tempts with modern buildings, abundance of greenery, entertainment venues, extensive educational and health care facilities. In Pomerania, you can live happily and peacefully, without worrying about the future. The ratio of potential earnings and expenses allows most families to look into the future with optimism.

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