Haunted places in Pomerania. Mini guide to Halloween

Halloween is a fun tradition that came to us from the West and continues to gain popularity amongst the young and the not so young. It’s a perfect occasion opportunity for dressing up and theme parties, or just staying at home and indulging in a horror movie marathon. Halloween is also a chance to explore the darker part of Pomerania and visit places by many considered haunted. Do you love horrors? Are you a fan of dark secrets and urban legends? This mini-guide of haunted places in Pomerania is for you

dom ferberow gdansk

Doors of Adam and Eve

The next time you are on Długa street, stop by house #28. The ancient residence of the Ferber family.  The original building, considered demonic, was lost in a fire, but the locals still claim to hear strange noises from within and avoid the building after dark. 

As the story goes Gotfryd Ferber, called a necromancer from Venice to bring his dead wife back. The necromancer agreed to hold the seance on two conditions. One, that there would be no one else in the building but Ferber and him and second, Ferber will not make any contact with the ghosts, especially that of his wife. But, Gotfryd broke both conditions. Not only did he hide his servants in the house, but he also tried to touch his wife when he saw her ghost. 

According to the legend, the necromancer called a lot of ghosts from the afterlife, including the biblical figures of Adam & Eve. Afterwards, Ferber decided to commemorate the experience by ordering custom-made doors for the entrance of the tenement house. One of the decorations on the doors were the images of Adam and Eve. The locals didn’t like those doors claiming they were full of demonic powers. No one wanted to walk close to the building or living in it. Residents of Gdańsk believed that the tenement house was cursed and the source of it was in the doors. Eventually, the doors were removed and taken to the city hall as antiques. In 1945 the city hall burned down and all relics, including the doors, were lost in the flames.

opuszczona willa diabelskie wzgorze

Devil’s Hill

Sobótki Street in Wrzeszcz, also called the Devil’s Hill has many chilling tales to tell. One of those tales is about a beautiful abandoned villa. The villa, though abandoned, is securely gated to keep strangers away. People say that they have seen blinking lights and heard strange noises coming from inside. According to legend, the hill that the villa was built on was once a place where witches gathered to perform demonic rituals. Legend or not, despite the appealing location and the beautiful architecture, no one wants to live there. We wonder why….

Phantom of the lake

Pomerania has quite a few houses that are considered haunted. Another house with a bad reputation and uncertain history is in Tczew, a city just outside Gdańsk. The residents of Tczew tell stories about the house at Bałdowska Street, where apparently during the night you can hear loud noises and strange knocking sounds. The place was used by soldiers during World War II, but no one knows  for what. According to the story, the noises are being made by the ghosts of those who died in that house and to this day can’t find peace. Others say this house is haunted by its first owner, a person who built four houses for his four daughters with this house being the most beautiful. The current owner is renovating the house. 

jezioro ostrowite czersk

Mysterious Rings

Kamienne Kręgi – called the “Polish Stonehedge” by many is maybe not a haunted place per se, but definitely mysterious and full of unusual energy. You can find Kamienne Kręgi in Węsiory village in Kashubia. A lot of tourists go there to see for themselves what really is going on around those stones. Some researchers are convinced this place is somehow connected to Goths. Others claim those rings of stones were there long before Goths even arrived in Poland. Some will say every stone is a grave, others this is a place where villagers gathered. One thing is certain – the rings of stones exist. And many visitors confirm the strange energy circling around the place. Apparently, spending time in Węsiory might help you with your nervous system. But because it might calm and relax you, it’s wiser not to drive a car right after the visit to Kamienne Kręgi. The warnings claim to not take anything from the rings, not even small rocks. It might have negative effects and bring bad luck. What is actually going on around Kamienne Kręgi? Is that strange energy even real? 

kamienne kregi wesiory

All those places are full of mystery. Perfect destinations for fans of the mysterious . Especially during Halloween, when it is believed that the door between our world and the world of the dead is open. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a chance to encounter a ghost?

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