Pomerania is not just the Tricity. Discover the lesser-known places in Pomerania

When we think „Pomerania”, we think„Tricity”. The agglomeration of the three big cities of Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia draws both tourists and potential new residents, because of being close to the sea, cultural and sports activities and lots of green areas. 


The world’s largest castle

One of the biggest historic sites in Pomerania is the Teutonic Castle in Malbork. This beautiful castle is the largest in the world measured by land area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This red fortress is located by the calm Nogat river, barely an hour away from Gdańsk. Perfect for a day trip.

There’s a lot to do in Malbork. In just the castle alone you can visit a modern art gallery, an amber exhibition or taste delicious food in the castle restaurant. his picturesque town is full of life and you won’t be bored outside the castle walls. You can explore little cafes, many restaurants, a special education center, interesting and kid-friendly places, such as Park Linowy and Dino Park, where not only you’ll have a chance to see dinosaurs but also dragons! After all, it’s a medieval town. Not to mention, Malbork organizes a lot of festivals and cool events. you can visit enactments, festivals and concerts at different times of the year.


Town of jogging

Bytów is one of the capitals of Kashubia, an amazing, unique region of Pomerania. Here you can relax in a beautiful Japanese style garden, where surrounded by Asian flora and recharge your body and soul. You can also learn about Bytów’s past as a part of the State of the Teutonic Order by visiting their own little Teutonic Castle framed by many trees. 

Bytów is an important part of Kashubian traditions and history, you can learn more at the  al West-Kashubian Museum, which owns a wide and interesting collection of ethnographic works. And if you’re a fan of active recreation, Bytów is a perfect place for running. Called the Town of Jogging, offers lots of picturesque hiking and survival trails.


Little Paris

Art lovers should visit Słupsk – the city has the largest collection of art created by the acclaimed Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, also called Witkacy. This multi-talented artist’s life is shrouded in mystery. The Słupsk Museum owns more than 250 pieces. If you’re planning on eating out and are a huge fan of pizza, we invite you to the bar „Poranek”, the oldest pizzeria in Poland! Since the 70s,  they have been serving their clients delicious pizzas using the same, tested recipe. 

If spooky stories about witches interest you, then you got to learn more about  Trina Papisten – called a witch by the residents, and publicly burned at stake over 300 years ago. The image of a witch on a Baszta Czarownic reminds us about this event from the past. Baszta Czarownic is a part of the Baltic Art Gallery.

The city of Słupsk was also named the „Little Paris”. All thanks to the classic architecture, which you can admire during long, slow walks. If you feel like getting out of town, then less than 10 km away from Słupsk is a famous Charlotta Valley – huge, picturesque area for recreation and relaxation. Charlotta Valley has a zoo, seal sanctuary and a spa. Be sure to check the event calendar before you go, so that you can enjoy the many events and concerts organised there.


Sand dunes and amusement parks

Łeba is a lovely town by the sea, where a lot of young people, families with children and nature lovers comes every year for vacation. The highlight are of course the famous sand dunes that are part of the  Słowiński National Park. The town has a lot other stuff to do too. Fans of labyrinths and Harry Potter should visit Labirynt Łeba Park – biggest labyrinth in Poland. 

Visit the  Rodzinny Park Rozrywki to go back in time and get the  the opportunity to see life sized dinosaurs and drive a car from the Flinstones!  Additionally, you can visit a Native American village, get scared in the Terror Castle or watch a movie at a 7D Cinema. 

Łeba also has the Butterfly Museum, the Amber Museum, and the Museum of Illusion. You’ll find many restaurants with a chance of tasting fresh, delicious fish.

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