Pomerania – job hunting in times of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected … well.. everything! Including the job market which has gone through significant changes in the last few months. Even though sectors such as tourism, gastronomy or hotel industry as well as other service have seen a decline, most businesses are operating as before. However, employers are being cautious and adapting their remote working policies. To ensure that business growth does not slow down, almost all companies have moved to 100% online recruitment.

Dreaming of Pomerania? Start a new job now, relocate later

The Pomeranian job market has long been one of the fastest-growing in the country. It’s less saturated and more open to new blood in spite of the current general economic slowdown. Many open positions are geared towards remote work, so it should not be a problem to working now and move to Tricity at a later date.

In Gdańsk, there’s no shortage of modern office buildings such as Olivia Business Centre and Alchemia. In addition, the emerging giant in this field, BCB Business Park is currently under construction in the vicinity of the airport.

PPNT, located in a short distance from the centre of Gdynia, has been successful for years with companies combining science, business and cutting-edge technologies. Another facility where a large number of knowledge workers will find employment, 3T Office Park, is being built just a stone’s throw away. Tricity is an attractive location in terms of employment opportunities due to its resources, potential and high quality of living.

However, one should not forget about smaller yet noteworthy towns in Pomerania dominating in the field of industry, construction and services. These are Słupsk, Kwidzyn, Tczew and Lębork.

A few simple recommendations from us on where to look and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Choosing the right sector makes a difference

To start with, it’s important to figure out which sectors are operating with ongoing restrictions as well as which have gained and which lost in importance. Call centre departments, IT companies or these not requiring direct customer contact are still hiring and able to onboard new employees. On the other hand, it’s worth to remember that the measures taken are temporary and demand for services or for example cultural events will come back sooner or later, especially since the lockdown restrictions will be gradually eased and eventually lifted (Fingers crossed!).

Take advantage of social media and search for contacts

Have you been postponing registering or updating your GoldenLine or LinkedIn profile? Don’t wait any longer. Now, in the times when connections are crucial and your account serves as your business card, and you need them now, more than ever before. When you start applying, gaining immediate access to your profile may decide whether a prospective employer hires you or considers another candidate. ALso, most companies are looking for concise resumes, but a link to your professional profile ensures that they can search for more details if needed.

…it’s worth to remember that the measures taken are temporary and demand for services or for example cultural events will come back sooner or later…

Prepare for an interview differently than you have before

When you receive an interview invitation, be prepared for a telephone or online conversation. Prepare potential scenarios and dress like you would for a traditional interview, but remember that you will be interviewing online, so a stable internet connection and a quiet, clean space is also important to make an excellent first impression. Recruiter deprived of visual contact and stimuli is likely to listen to what you have to say and your word choice with much greater attention. In both cases thinking in advance about not necessarily obvious details will pay off. In addition, it will significantly increase your self-confidence.

Take your time to consider questions that might be asked and which will deal with challenging, unpredictable situations, thinking outside the box or overcoming problems that may arise from the lack of direct contact with a customer.

Core skills are as important as hard skills

Current circumstances have changed mindsets. Companies are looking for a healthy mix of hard and core skills. A wide range of competences, flexibility and ability to quickly switch to other solutions are extremely important. While working remotely, both temporarily and in the long term, self-discipline and effective communication with customers and colleagues are of significant value as well.

Coronavirus has dramatically changed the job search and the recruitment process. Still, if you take the appropriate measures, you will boost your chances of landing a job. Who knows, you may even receive an offer from one of the companies based in Tricity. It means the possibility of moving to the popular seaside metropolis in the near future. Check out the current hot profiles.

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