Polish Naval Academy of The Heroes of Westerplatte (PNA)

Polish Naval Academy of The Heroes of Westerplatte (PNA)

Apart from candidates to professional soldiers (midshipmen), the PNA also teaches officers and civilian students in 4 Faculties: Navigation and homeland security are the most popular specialisations.

4 faculties
13 specialisations
34 postgraduate programs
1 doctoral program
2 980


Foreign Language Center - 4 language courses (English, German, Russian, French)

Physical Education and Sport 15 sport sections
2 Dormitories

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New faculties at the Academy: Information Systems in Security (Cybersecurity) and Mechatronics (Underwater Constructions).

Military studies (3 faculties, 6 specialisations)

Civilian studies (13 specialisations at the first-cycle studies, 6 fields at the second-cycle studies)