WSB University

WSB Gdańsk

WSB is the largest group of non-public universities in Poland operating for over 20 years. The facility in Gdańsk has existed since 1998. The university consists of two faculties: the Faculty of Finance and Management in Gdańsk and the Faculty of Economics and Management in Gdynia. The offer includes both first and second degree studies, postgraduate studies, MBA and Executive MBA.

2 faculties
17 professional chairs
9 courses
82 postgraduate courses
The College of Banking in Gdańsk has the right to confer doctoral degrees in the field of economic sciences in the discipline of management sciences.
11 061

Number of students

The College of Banking in Gdańsk benefits from more than 20 years of experience of 9 universities throughout Poland.

The university holds an international IACBE accreditation
The university finances participation in scientific conferences in the country and abroad.

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Cooperation with business

WSB is a university that combines the business and academic sphere. Understanding the requirements of employers enables the university to adjust the curriculum to the changing realities of the market, and thus better prepare graduates to take on new challenges. Thanks to such a modern approach to education, the Higher Banking Schools have been creating the largest network of business universities in Poland for years.

The MBA at Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa in Gdańsk is a course focused on the broadly understood development of business competencies necessary for effective management. WSB have prepared their program in cooperation with the University of Northampton, UK. Modern methods of education and excellent organization of studies are also the result of cooperation with business practitioners. Thanks to this, the subject matter of the classes is closely related to the current economic realities.