Pumpkin farm – find a perfect pumpkin for Halloween


Autumn feels incomplete without those orange balls called pumpkins. They’re nutritious, healthy, and their colour pleases the eyes. It is known that closer to the end of October, more and more pumpkins are disappearing from the shelves. Why? Because Halloween is coming and this sweet vegetable is its symbol.

kolorowe dynie rozne ksztalty

Not all pumpkins are equal, but all are equally tasty

There are over 45 types of pumpkins, differing in sizes, shapes, color, and taste. Pumpkin has a lot of beta-carotene (that’s how they get this vibrant orange color). Thanks to the concentration of zinc and vitamin C it enhances our immune system and helps deal with atypical, autumnal cold. Don’t throw away the seeds – consuming healthy fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, and potassium will be good for our health!

Do you know that in Pomerania you can visit an actual pumpkin patch, where you’ll find a variety of different types of this orange delight and spend some quality family time surrounded by the autumn scenery?

Where to get the pumpkins from?

The fastest answer – from a store or a garden. But if you don’t have your own crops and the options from stores aren’t satisfying enough, take your family and go for a weekend trip to … a pumpkin farm! It’s a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together, enjoy the countryside and calm your mind after a hard week of work. A view of hundreds of delicious pumpkins will work miracles.  

Here is one of our favouritess.

Dyniowe Love

A pumpkin farm with this lovely name (translated as Pumpkin Love) is located quite close to Gdańsk and Pruszcz Gdański. It’s a fantastic adventure for the entire family – especially for kids and aspiring photographers because the view is breathtaking and makes for amazing photographs.

We can buy the fanciest varieties of edible and decorative pumpkins – from classics, which we can find in a grocery store, to the famous Hokkaido, little pumpkins with crazy shapes, to those, whose names most of us probably never heard of. It’s worth to go for a stroll around the field and take some photos surrounded by dozens of pumpkins. Kids will love the idea of jumping on an actual haystack and have fun at the playground. The owners of the pumpkin patch often organize cookouts. It’s a perfect opportunity to roast some sausages and get warm by the fire.

Dyniowe Love

ul. Zaczarowana 60
83-010 Rotmanka
Open: Saturday and Sunday – 10am to 6pm

Pumpkin for Halloween – which one to choose?

Pumpkin is obviously not just seeds, pumpkin soup, and other healthy pumpkin meals. Pumpkin is also a carefully carved Halloween lantern! Choosing a Pumpkin that is a pleasure to carve and will last for a while, is a very important task

The best one will be the classic one (sometimes called the decorative), which everyone knows. You can choose small ones, big ones, pudgier or perfectly round. But even that ordinary, inconspicuous pumpkin prides itself with different varieties and pretty crazy names. And so we can choose from Jack O’Lantern, Howden, Mammoth, Big Moon and many more. These types have especially soft skin and a thin layer of flesh, which helps with carving. You have many, many choices to make your lantern the best possible!

lampiony z dyni

Pay attention

Make sure the vegetables are ripe and its skin intact. Check if it doesn’t have any cracks and chafing. It’ll be easier to precisely carve the shapes and the lantern will be looking perfect.


And here are a few ideas for what you can do with your pumpkin:

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