Settle in Pomerania and learn about the opportunities in your neighbourhood. Overview of the best places to live in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Diversified job offers, quality time attractions, leisure activities and a variety of accommodation possibilities are the greatest advantages of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia Metropolitan Area. However, other Pomeranian locations are also quite interesting to consider. Check out this overview of the best places to settle in Pomerania and  the region’s qualities.

Tri-City – a place of many exceptional districts

A joint survey conducted by Otodom, OLX and PBS shows which districts were rated as favourite by the citizens of the Tri-City area. Przymorze was ranking high as the best place for leisure and was also valued for great public transportation service. Local Reagan Park is also worth mentioning. Oliwa, according to the survey, is very neat, neighbour-friendly and has many green recreational sites.

Inhabitants of Gdynia were also very pleased with the place they live in. Śródmieście was among the most valued districts, especially for its great leisure and shopping opportunities. Chwarzno-Wiczlino was the best as far as neighbour-friendliness, tidiness and the availability of green sites count as the primary factor. Witomino-Lesniczówka is best known for being a place for kids, with many playgrounds, while the ones living in Kamienna Góra can use good quality roads and most efficient public transportation service.

Last but not least, prospective residents can also choose Sopot as their home town – it is not only a great tourist attraction but it is also highly valued by its residents. In the recent EUROPOLIS 2018 poll Sopot has advanced to the first place, leaving the capital city of Warsaw behind, as the city with the greatest civic involvement in Poland! Its citizens have the biggest participatory budgeting and enjoy getting involved in public life. They also value safety of their cities.

Gdynia took the 7th place in the EUROPOLIS 2018, while in the “Diagnoza Społeczna 2015” it was hailed the most joyful city in Poland for the third time in a row! Gdansk was just behind.

More detailed information about the districts can be found at “Live more. Pomerania” website’s Plan Your Move bookmark.

Gdynia Skwer Kościuszki
Gdynia Skwer Kościuszki

Real estate prices? Not that bad!

In the recently published article LINK, we’ve  covered the real estate market and the prices in Tri-City’s districts. In Gdansk, the average flat prices are PLN 6,500.00 per m2, but in some places they can  be as low as PLN 3,500.00 per m2. The situation in Gdynia is similar, while Sopot – because of the city’s prestige – is more expensive. If we consider the cost of living, inhabitants’ satisfaction and job opportunities ,Tri-City looks far better than more expensive Warsaw.

Comfortable and interesting life? Only in Tri-City!

What if you just wanted to achieve your career goals in the biggest Pomeranian metropolitan area, but reside permanently in the suburbs? It can be a great choice! The town of Rumia, full of trees, green areas and places far from urban tumult, is perfectly connected with Gdynia via SKM railway. Reda with its beautiful Puszcza Darżlubska (Darżlubska Wilderness or Piaśnica Forest) is located a little further, as are Wejcherowo with its tourist trails, Groty Miechowskie and Lake Żarnowiec . Residents there can enjoy many seaside recreational spots as well as the whole Kashubian Lake District. Wejcherowo, Reda and Rumia together form a Kashubian Tri-City. Lebork and Slupsk are located along the SKM railroad, in case you want to quickly get to work in Tri-City proper.

One can also look for a calm oasis west of Gdansk. The Rębiechowo district near Gdansk, and even calmer Banino, are  conveniently located for commuters. SKM is also accessible from Pępowo, Żukowo or Kiełpin. These are interesting locations where you can either buy or build yourself a house in a quiet neighbourhood, and still have your career in Tri-City, including its attractions at hand.

The choice is yours!

Gdańsk Stare Miasto
Gdańsk Stare Miasto

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