Students’ societies and associations in Pomerania

The new academic year is just around the corner and you’ve been asking yourself what to do in your free time, how to meet interesting people while acquiring new skills, and gaining experience which will allow you to stand out in a competitive job market? The program of your studies hasn’t been enough and you’re not satisfied with the knowledge you’ve gained in some specific areas? Or maybe all you need is support and advice? On this occasion, we’ll take a closer look at a few chosen ones from a long list of students’ societies, organizations, and associations in Tricity and the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Something for everyone

The University of Gdańsk is an institution with a long tradition with plenty of societies and organizations co-created by its students. Have you ever considered starting your own company that would engage cutting-edge technologies? You’ll get hooked on START UP Entrepreneurs Society. Do you use Facebook for the latest news and breaking stories and you’ve dreamed of getting a job where you’d be able to do that and get paid? Find out more by joining the Online Journalism and Social Media Society. Or maybe you share an opinion that the future belongs to web developers and programmers? Broaden your knowledge by connecting with other buffs in Robomaniacs Society. But if you’re more into real-world and visiting interesting places, you’ll love Historical Tourism and Sightseeing Society. Bathroom singing is not enough anymore? Try The Academic Choir of the University of Gdańsk.

It's philosophy... technically

If you’re a student of the Gdańsk University of Technology and believe that this part of your life is meant for exchanging opinions, getting to know students from other departments and challenging yourself, inter-faculty societies should draw your attention. The Inter-Faculty Mechatronics Society, The Inter-Faculty Project Management Society as well as Hulaj Urban Squad Society integrating architecture, city planning and history enthusiasts are among many that are available to choose from. The society bearing an enigmatic name of SimLE allows its members to gain practical experience, work within a team and find solutions to engineering problems. Not everyone is aware, though, that apart from developing your technical skills, by joining on of the university societies you can also learn languages such as Spanish or German. Those who are looking for a break might be interested in Students’ Kayak Club, Film Society – Vido or Philosophy Society.

Spoilt for choices

Students of other higher education institutions may also enjoy many of their own clubs. They can explore i.a. how to apply informatics in business by joining E-Business Society at Gdynia Maritime University, stay up-to-date with the latest international political events thanks to Geopoliticus Society at The Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia, learn Mindfulness techniques with other members of the Mindfulness Society or share their passions during the meetings of Integra Society at SWPS University in Sopot.

Talk the talk

Among a large number of students’ associations at The Pomeranian University in Słupsk, you’ll be positively surprised to find societies of, among others, Film, Botanists, Medical Rescue, and Animal Physiologists. But it’s worth paying attention to Buffs Society – Humanus. They aim to activate students, unlock their full potential, support leadership competencies, and promote exchanging views and ideas with respect. Don’t waste your time, come, and meet stimulating people and use the years of study for your personal development!

Students' cornucopia

Cheap accommodation, events, student exchange programs. This is how one would describe student life. Do you study and have thought about starting cooperation with other higher education institutions? Would you like to participate in a student exchange program or simply need advice? Polish Students Association (ZSP) in Tricity integrates the academic community, focuses on charitable activities, and offers support to students i.a. in terms of employment or finding affordable accommodation. But it also engages in student events such as The Great Pomeranian Freshman Party (WOW) and The FAMA Academic Youth Arts Festival. Don’t be a stranger and get in touch!

Jump-start your career

You’re about to finish your studies but still have no ideas for your career launch? It’s time to contact the Careers Office at the University of Gdańsk which offers professional advice, coaching, help with finding work and internship opportunities. In addition, it also organises training and workshops on preparing job applications, soft skills and advice on how to complete recruitment process successfully. The Careers Office also coordinates Job Fairs, also the virtual ones which will undoubtedly attract many students looking for employment. We encourage you to visit with job, internship and vocational placement adverts.

Joining a student society or an association is always a great idea, no matter what your motivation is. New people, interesting opinions, developing interests, building contacts and networks, boosting your CV are only a few reasons to give it a chance and invest your time.

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