Studying can be challenging, but it is also the perfect time to grow, gain new experiences and meet new people. See for yourself!

Learn more about the Gdynia “Silicone Valley”

04 .12
Much has been done during recent years to make Tri-City a center of innovation. Many Polish and international companies... (more)

Real Property in Gdansk Offers a Chance for Independence

21 .11
Gdansk attracts people thanks to an interesting entertainment and cultural offer, while its beautiful architecture and proximity to the... (more)

Costs of Living in Tri-city – Will a Student Get By?

13 .11
Tri-city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. This, in a way, also translates into costs... (more)

5 reasons to move to the Pomeranian region and enjoy life more

31 .10
More and more people, especially young, decide to relocate. They search for a job, want to change their lives... (more)

GET.NET conference in Gdańsk

11 .10
Currently, over 16 thousand developers work in the Pomeranian Region. Tri-City has become a hub of conferences, workshops, and... (more)


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