Studying can be challenging, but it is also the perfect time to grow, gain new experiences and meet new people. See for yourself!

Work in IT – Check where you can find it in Pomeranian Voivodeship

12 .06
Job market = employee’s market? There is a lot of truth in this statement when it comes to Pomeranian... (more)

Cycling in Tri-City

12 .06
Tri-City is a great place to have a bike. Cycling enthusiasts will find everything they need here: a well-developed... (more)

Spring in Pomerania – spend it actively!

05 .06
Spring is a time, when it is worth to enjoy outdoor activities. Except lounging on the beach, Pomerania offers... (more)

Work in HR – the human resources sector in Pomerania

05 .06
HR branch surely counts as one of the most promising ones. Candidates can look for a satisfying employment in... (more)

Juwenalia in Tri-City – A Fun Opportunity for Students!

22 .05
As usually, May is the time for celebration for Tri-City students and music enthusiasts. The majority of this year’s... (more)

What is BSS (Business Services Sector) and what are the prospects on its developement?

26 .04
The economy and labour market in the pomeranian voidvoidship have changed considerably in recent years. Nowadays, along with traditional... (more)

Public Transport in Tri-City – Moving around has Never been More Convenient!

25 .04
The Tri-City’s public transportation system is absolutely exceptional compared to other places in Poland. The network connects three cities,... (more)

Unusual Degrees – Check out Tri-City’s Out of the Ordinary University Courses

23 .04
Tri-City is undeniably an interesting place to study for your degree. More than 84000 students attend courses at 24... (more)

They Moved to Pomerania – Now They Are Inviting Others

05 .04
We’d like to share the stories of three people who have experienced living in various places in Poland and... (more)

Are You Taking up a Job in Tri-City? Check out Our Tips on Best Neighborhoods

20 .03
If you’ve just learnt that you’ll be moving to Tri-City to start your dream job, we congratulate you on... (more)


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