Studying can be challenging, but it is also the perfect time to grow, gain new experiences and meet new people. See for yourself!

BSS Sector in Pomerania. Prospects and earnings in 2021

20 .07
The market of modern business processes in Pomerania is developing dynamically. Each year, more global companies transfer their advanced... (more)

Events Calendar – June 2021

03 .06
The time has finally come to ease the pandemic restrictions! When we took off our masks again and the... (more)

Take care of your mental health

28 .05
1/4 of Poles suffer from mental disorders according to official data from the Ombudsman’s report. This means that in... (more)

Immigrants, Migrants, the Pomerania Perspective

23 .03
Pomerania, due to its unique location has always been a melting pot. Foreigners have always been a part of... (more)

How much does student life in Pomerania cost?

24 .02
Every year, we show you the cost of living in the Tricity. How does this year compare to the... (more)

Foreign students choose Pomerania

01 .01
Every year more students from abroad are studying at Polish universities. In the 2020/2021 academic year, it is already... (more)

Love in the time of Corona

18 .12
Or “How to become a volunteer and help others survive the pandemic crisis.”   Hard times and difficult situations... (more)

Things to do at home during lockdown pt.2

16 .11
The virus is not backing down. If we can, we go back to our cozy home offices, pyjama suits... (more)

Empty fridge? Use apps to shop for groceries

03 .11
Apart from the global pandemic going on Autumn is the flu season. We should try and limit contact with... (more)

Business ideas from Pomerania

07 .10
The last couple of months have shown us how quickly our lives can change. Entrepreneurship that seemed to have... (more)


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