Technological Pomerania – Gdansk is the second city in Poland in terms of the number of companies using AI!

Artificial intelligence influences the economy more and more. In Poland, Pomerania is said to be the forerunner in the field of AI development. In the recent Digital Poland’s report, Tri-City took second place in terms of the number of enterprises using AI in their products and services. As many as 11% of native companies that use artificial intelligence hail from Tri-City.

What exactly is AI? How was the artificial intelligence used in NlightiN in Sopot and other pioneer enterprises in an interesting way? What is the future of the industry and the specialists who are employed in it?

What is AI?

AI, short for artificial intelligence, is a field of science based primarily on logic and information technology – its task is to design intelligent, behavioral models and computer programs able to carry out such simulations. A system based on AI can interpret external data correctly, and perform specific tasks using knowledge learnt from that data. Currently, artificial intelligence has many branches and applications – tasks like speech and image recognition, creating neural networks, machine translation, machine programming, or creating intelligent interfaces are just few examples. AI is having more and more impact on the economy.

NlightniN Technology – one of the leaders in implementing AI

Recently, one of the most interesting projects (not only in Pomerania – it resonated throughout the medical community) connected to AI, was a project implemented by NlightniN Technology, a company based in Sopot. NlightVR™ is a system that supports cancer treatment through the use of artificial intelligence. AI collects an enormous amount of data from the patient’s body and then, through analysis,  triggers an appropriate reaction in the immune system. This type of therapy is an addition to pharmacological treatment and could not be possible without artificial intelligence.

Voicelab – biometrics and speech recognition

In Pomerania, interesting AI-related projects are also carried out by Voicelab. They use artificial intelligence for voice biometrics as well as speech recognition. Speech-to-text is a 4-step process: digitalization, signal processing, recognition of phonemes and their intelligent merging into words. Virtual Intelligent Assistant is a solution  used in hotlines, where it shortens waiting time and allows to solve problems based on identifying intentions of the caller. Conversational Intelligence recognizes speech and transcribes conversations to text in real time. In turn, biometrics is a solution for verifying identity on the basis of human voice. Without the development of AI such services could not exist!

SentiOne - automation of customer service

SentiOne, a company based in Tri-City which, among other things, created a platform for automating customer service, also uses artificial intelligence successfully. Using bots in order to improve communication is one of their innovations. The company currently works on tools which detect dangerous content in real time. Another interesting project is a tool that autogenerates reports based on customers’ online feedback.

Future of AI in Pomerania

There is no doubt that AI is the future of IT. Majority of experts claim that in two or three decades, creating an artificial intelligence able to outperform that of a human will be possible. Artificial intelligence can already paint Renaissance paintings or compose classical music through analyzing works of art. Computers defeat chess masters.

It is predicted that without knowledge of issues related to artificial intelligence, it will be difficult to find a job in IT sector in the next few years. Even if the estimates are slightly exaggerated, a technological breakthrough is bound to happen sooner or later. The Pomeranian Voivodeship is in a rather privileged position. Students of the local universities, especially those who study at Gdansk University of Technology – the largest technical university in northern Poland, learn  about artificial intelligence on a daily basis. The most interesting ventures are launched, among others, in the Laboratory of Immersed Spatial Visualization, Gradient Scientific Club, AI Bay Club, and Deep Learning Summer School, which is an international project.

Examples of NlightniN Production, VoiceLab, and SentiOne prove that it is possible to create state-of-the-art, globally significant AI technologies right in the heart of Pomerania.

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