Things to do at home during lockdown pt.2

The virus is not backing down. If we can, we go back to our cozy home offices, pyjama suits are washed and ironed. We should stay inside to avoid any unnecessary risks. But what to do in the free time? If you already mastered new languages or life skills, baked enough cakes that you could easily win the next Bake-off, or made scarfs for every member of your family, you looking for some new challenges. Get inspired by the activities we mentioned in our recent article. Remember, above all keep healthy and safe. Have fun!

1. Wizzard me this

Any Harry Potters wannabes here? Enroll in Hogwarts Is Here an online social network created by like-minded people hosting live classes straight from the world of witchcraft and wizardry. After you sign up, you are able to choose your house and enroll in various classes such as Transfiguration, History of Magic, and of course Defense Against the Dark Arts. Simply magic!

2. Live stream a beach cam

Missed out on laying on sunny and sandy beaches this year? Search for beach cams like the ones at America’s iconic and historic beachfront hotel “The Del”. See the crashing waves, ocean breezes, and beaming sunshine from live beach cams which offer a glimpse of the breathtaking views.

3. Scavenger hunt with a twist

You may not be able to spend long enough outside to enjoy a scavenger hunt but you can also play this game at home. Prepare a list of challenges for you and your friends to create the most creative social media posts using your wits and smartphone. Then share the results on your social accounts and crown the winner!

4. Be a Quiz-Master

Ever wondered how many people in the group have a phobia of spiders? Ever wondered who secretly watches ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (but says they don’t) on a Saturday night? Ever wondered who has the biggest feet, largest head circumference, or shortest index finger? A trivia quiz is an awesome and fun way to learn more about each other (if you know everything about your friends already, go for more pop-culture related topics) Follow few simple rules, for example:

  • 45 minutes
  • LIVE event on zoom, skype or google hangouts
  • 5 rounds of personalised trivia
  • Players answer questions through the app
  • Make a leaderboard
  • Be the host with the most 
  • Think of fun prizes

5. Learn Calligraphy

If a full-time doctor like Sneha Narayan, who is working in intensive care and anesthetics during this current pandemic, uses her downtime to teach people calligraphy, we ask what’s stopping you? You can follow her Instagram page @paintpotsandquills where she shows the therapeutic benefits of calligraphy and watercolour to isolated people and encourages them to be creative. True Wonder Woman!

6. DIY hack your house

Recent polls and research indicate that the first round of the pandemic lockdown made many people undertake DIY activities around the house. If you did not manage to do it then, now is your chance. Slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls or front door or create smart storage solutions to declutter the space around you.

7. Get a heads-up start on the Xmas shopping

This year you don’t have to be the one who gets their Christmas shopping done at the last minute. Make a list, check it twice, and do all shopping from the comfort of your living room. Avoiding the crowds and queues altogether.

If the above doesn’t find your fancy you can always go back to our previous articles listing other activities you can do while being at home more often.

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