What’s Going on in Tri-city in 2019 – An Overview of the Most Relevant Cultural Events

Do you consider moving to Tri-City or, at the very least, visiting Pomerania in 2019? If you do, but still have some reservations, maybe a list of the upcoming cultural events in the area will help you make up your mind. This is going to be a busy year!

Music Events and More

Tri-City is well known for regularly hosting music events and other attractions. On 22 February, hip-hop enthusiasts will have a chance to attend Hip Hop Festival 3Miasto 2019 (Hip Hop Festival 3City 2019). But there’s more going on for music fans in Tri-City in the summer. Firstly, there’s the Open’er Festival, which is famous across Poland for its lineup of international stars, who are going to perform this year on 3-6 July. Also in July, Studio Panika (Panic Studio) from Gdynia is organising Festival Muzyki Elektronicznej. Gramy z Winyli  (Electronic Music Festival. Vinyl Records). In mid-August, the premises of Stocznia Gdanska (Gdansk Harbour) are once again going to turn into unique concert stages during the Soundrive Festival, a real treat for alternative music fans in industrial spaces, with the B90 club at the helm. Let us leave Tri-City for a moment, but remain in Pomerania. We make this exception for Festiwal Legend Rocka w Dolinie Charlotty (Rock Legends Festival in Charlotta Valley) because it is an amazing event for the young as well as those who attended concerts of today’s legends back in the day they weren’t widely known. The Tri-City music events season will end in December with another edition of the Metropolia Jest Okey (Metropolis Is Okay) – a rock, jazz and alternative music festival.

Festival Opener
Opener Festival Gdynia
Festival Opener Gdynia

Local and Global Culture

The annual Globaltica World Cultures Festival proves that you can learn about ethnic cultures from all around the globe without the need to travel. This is why you should visit Park Kolibki (Kolibki Park) in Gdynia. Concerts, cuisine, demonstrations of art and costumes and a Social Town / NGO Zone are just a few of the attractions at this special festival. That’s why it’s best for you to plan your holiday trip to Tri-City for the second part of July.

In autumn, on 15-16 November, the 11th edition of Festiwal Narracje (Narrations Festival) is going to take place. This event is going to focus on local culture. Attendees will get the opportunity to learn unique stories connected with Gdansk – this time about Siedlce district and its architectural landmarks dating back from the Middle Ages up till Modernity.

Elektryków Podgląd

Something Special for Theatre Lovers

You won’t ever be bored in Tricity if you’re into theatre. Between July and August, Gdansk is going to traditionally host the 23rd edition of Festiwal Szekspirowski (Gdansk Shakespeare Festival), which is amongst the best in Europe. The venue for the festival, Gdanski Teatr Szekspirowski (the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre) is going to be visited by artists and guests from all around the world. However, we also recommend that you visit this extraordinary building, as well as other Tricity theatres, regularly since the performances they put on are great. In July, Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatrów Plenerowych i Ulicznych FETA (International Street and Open-Air Theatres Festival FETA) is going to be organised. This is a particularly interesting event for foreigners who don’t speak Polish.

Cinematic Tri-City

But is there anything in store for cinephiles? 44. Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych w Gdyni (The 44th Polish Feature Film Festival) is going to take place on 16-21 September. Obviously, this isn’t all. As early as 12th January, Gdynskie Centrum Filmowe (Gdynia Film Centre) is going to play the best short films from the famous Sundance Shorts 2018 festival. But it’s always a safe bet for cinema lovers to visit Tri-City since special screenings are organised here regularly in such venues as Klub Horyzont, Biblioteka Obłuże, DKF Kurort or the previously mentioned Gdynia Film Centre or Helios cinemas. In the summer, as each year, you should attend the Sopot Film Festival, whose next edition is going to take place on 13-21 July 2019.

Regardless of when you plan to visit Tri-City, make sure to take a look at the list of upcoming cultural events. You will find something interesting in Tri-City everyday!

Fot. Anna Rezulak

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