Where to eat the best fish in Pomerania?

A statistical Pole eats over 12 kg of fish and seafood annually. We are still a long way behind European record holders – Norwegians and Portuguese who eat 50 kg per person, but the consumption of fish in Poland is growing every year. This is a very positive trend. Fish are full of health, they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, selenium and iodine. They are also a source of protein. Judging by the queues lining up at all the fish fryers and smoke houses in the summer, we eat a large part of the annual “allocation” during the holidays. There are countless places serving fish in Pomerania, and their menu is usually very similar. So the question is, how do you find the best fish in the area?

Ryba wpływa na Pomorze

Let’s start with the basics. Before you go looking for the best fish restaurant in Pomerania, you need to know what kind of fish you want. The most popular choices in our country include: salmon, herring, cod, mackerel and tuna. But Pomeranian restaurants, smoke houses and fryers also offer many other, less typical species that are worth trying while you visit the region. Do you know the taste of Peter, Grouper, Carbonel or Meagre? You will find them all in the local restaurants!


If you dream of eating a fish straight from the boat, be sure to check the conservation periods of specific species – during such a period you will not get fresh fish, only frozen or from deep sea fisheries. During summer holiday, for example, we will not eat Baltic cod, because its protection period is from early May to late August. In turn, salmon is protected from mid-September to the end of December, and turbot from the beginning of June to the end of July.


Once you made your choice and made sure it is available at the moment, it will be a little easier for you to choose a venue. On the other hand, you can just go with the flow (pun intended). In our subjective opinion, it is worth checking these addresses:


Bulaj (eng. Porthole) al. F. Mamuszki 22, Sopot

This restaurant has been doing great on the market for years and has many regular guests. It is a place where you can always count on a good fish and wine pairings, and from the restaurant you can get straight to the beach. Attention! It is worth asking the ever friendly staff what we will get from “under the counter” on a given day – this is often the biggest treat!


Orłowska Tavern ul. Orłowska 3, Gdynia

A beautiful terrace by the beach, which offers a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea and the Orłowo pier – it is certainly a strong, but not the only advantage of this place. Next to the restaurant, at the mouth of the Kacza River, there is a small Fisherman’s Harbor. It is from here, straight from the net, that freshly caught turbots, cod, flounder, herring and salmon come to the tables of the tavern. The restaurant also boasts its own smokehouse!


Przetwórnia ul. gen, Hallera 29, Kuźnica

Water sports enthusiasts will appreciate the location of Przetwórnia, which is located almost on the beach in Kuźnica. It is worth going there, especially if you’re a foodie and, in addition to fresh fish, you are looking for the original combinations of ingredients.


Fish fry “U Emila” ul. Helska 14, Kuźnica

Meanwhile, a traditional Kashubian fry bar with a long tradition awaits the lovers of the Baltic classics. In addition to fried or grilled fish, “U Emila” is also known for home-made fish products. You will find here, among others: herring flaps, excellent rollmops, salmon in mustard sauce, fish tartare and pastes of cod, herring, mackerel and salmon.


Maszoperia ul. Wiejska 110, Hel

At the “beginning of Poland”, in a 200-year-old traditional Hel fisherman’s hut, food lovers will find real delicacies: fish in various forms – cold, hot, fried, boiled, smoked or grilled as well as a selection of unique fish soups. The regulars, apart from the latter ones, especially recommend herring in cream with pears. Have you ever heard of pulkis (pl – pulki)? You will find out on Hel!


Zafishowani ul. Tokarska 6, entrance from ul. Długie Pobrzeże, Gdańsk

If, instead of tradition and classics, you are looking for a fine-dining restaurant specializing in fish, it is worth heading towards the Old Town of Gdańsk. Zafishowani offers the highest quality products, prepared and served in a masterly manner. Each plate is a work of art, refined down to the smallest detail: from taste to appearance. Here, you will definitely want to take out your camera and take a picture of your plate!


However, if you would like to prepare a fish feast yourself, it is worth taking advantage of the wide range of Pomeranian fish shops, market halls, ports and markets – located at Plac Dominikański in Gdańsk or in Gdynia at Targowisko Wójta Radtkego

However, if you would like to prepare a fish feast yourself, it is worth taking advantage of the wide range of Pomeranian fish shops, market halls, ports and markets – located at Plac Dominikański in Gdańsk or in Gdynia at Targowisko Wójta Radtkego

Remember these few simple rules if you want to choose the freshest of fish:

  • Its skin proves its freshness and quality. It should be moist, shiny and smooth. Avoid fish whose skin is cloudy, has unnatural wrinkles, is dry or has a lot of mucus. It is worth carrying out a simple test by pressing the skin of the fish with your finger. If it is fresh, then the cavity that was made by pressure will return to its previous shape.
  • The eyes cannot lie. Fresh fish has full, prominent and shiny eyes. Cloudy, dull and sunken ones do not encourage you to buy them, it is better to leave such a fish alone.
  • The Fifty shades of fish. The meat itself obviously has different colours depending on the species, but it should always be light and glassy. A grey, yellow, or unnaturally reddish colours are signals that the fish is no longer fit for consumption.

In everyday shopping, planning meals or choosing a restaurant, it is worth remembering about fish – because “fish affects” not only our health, but also the lives of many Pomeranian residents who have been, often for generations, associated with fishing and fish processing. It cannot be denied that Fish has a POSITIVE influence on Pomerania!








cover image – @sebastian-coman-photography

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