Why Study and Work at the Same Time? Possibilities in Tri-City

Tri-City is not only an interesting tourist destination, but also an attractive place to choose for working and learning. The city’s rich educational offer draws young people from Pomerania and the rest of Poland. Large and prestigious companies encourage students to start their professional careers while they are still at university and offer them work placements, internships or junior positions. More and more young people explore these possibilities and quickly discover that that this is the best investment in their future they could possibly make.

When choosing your field of study, you can never be sure what your professional career will bring. For this reason, it is ideal that you pick a job up in the meantime. Tri-City – a place abundant with attractions, cultural events and sandy beaches, offers many opportunities to develop professionally.

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A Job Market Open to Students

Tri-City has been dynamically growing for more than ten years: large companies register their HQs here, its excellent location attracts event organisers, and clean air encourages people to move to the seaside. Leading universities, such as the University of Gdansk, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdynia Maritime University, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport or the Medical University of Gdansk offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, as well as postgraduate studies in attractive fields. In addition, companies, mainly from such areas as IT, administration, finance and accounting, are waiting for students. In turn, students are able to gain professional experience while still at university and, in consequence, get better employment opportunities right after graduation. You can find employment in Tri-City in a large corporation, a branch of a renowned company or a local business. Amazon, Arla, Arrow, Bayer, DNV, Epam, Flex, Fuji, Geoban, Intel, Kemira, LPP are just a few examples of potential employers who are recruiting and give you a chance to take your first steps on your professional path.

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Where to Look for Offers?

The first job rarely turns out to be the last, that’s why your time at the university is the ideal moment to take up different activities. This will not only enrich your CV, but most importantly will allow you to experience first-hand and decide what is most enjoyable for you, what kind of work you prefer doing and simply what is right for you. After this, finding the ideal job will be easier and your search will be limited to a specific sector or a short-list of companies. You should consider doing an internship first; its purpose is to quickly learn a profession, try working in different areas and try out new responsibilities. You can earn around PLN 1000 net while serving an internship in Pomeranian companies. You can look for work on popular job advert websites such as Pracuj.pl, Praca.Money.pl and Infopraca.pl, but also at your university. Companies often put up posters on notice boards and offer work placements, paid internships as well as junior positions. While browsing through adverts, you should consider the businesses you’re interested in and want to learn more about. You should follow the offers of such companies as Gdansk Airport, Ziaja, Lotos Group, Ergo Hestia Group, Wirtualna Polska or IKEA.

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Benefits Package

Work isn’t just responsibilities; it often comes with an attractive benefits package. A sports card, health insurance, bonding events or language courses – thanks to all of this, our quality of life is improved, we get a chance to develop, but most importantly, enjoy our time off. With regard to benefits, Pomeranian companies offer courses and training, a Multisport card, financial bonuses, flexible work times and relocation packages. For instance, you will get a relocation package in such companies as: Wirtualna Polska, Svarowski, Spartez, Staples, Kainos and Ciklum. Employment benefits are particularly valuable in such a place as Tri-City, which teems with life throughout the year. This is a place which hosts popular music festivals, healthy food fairs, meetings for bloggers and influencers, conferences and technological shows. The additional benefits create the perfect opportunity to meet new interesting people and network. Students list teleworking as an attractive benefit, too. There are companies in Pomerania that offer this opportunity: Kainos, ManPower Group, OKE Poland, State Street, Staples and Wirtualna Polska. You will find more information about benefits offered by Pomeranian companies here: Payment And Much More. Review Of Benefits In Pomeranian Companies.

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