Work in IT – Check where you can find it in Pomeranian Voivodeship

Job market = employee’s market? There is a lot of truth in this statement when it comes to Pomeranian Voivodeship and IT industry. We invite you to check this short review of the dynamically developing IT industry in Pomerania from a perspective of a potential employee – an experienced specialist and an ambitious graduate!

Pomerania, IT employee’s market

It is hard to find a better place for IT specialists than Tri-City and the whole Pomeranian Voivodeship. According to European Job Mobility Portal, there are currently 5648 enterprises from ICT sector in this area. Especially the modern business services sector, which primarily needs IT specialists, is constantly expanding in the region. There are 140 centers of modern business services as of 2019,  which  employ  over 26.5 thousand people. The numbers are growing.

What kind of specialists are needed? Software Engineer, NET Developer, Front End Developer, Java Software Engineer, Test Automation Engineer, IT SAP Specialist, Android Developer, Back End Developer or Project Managerfor IT projects,  are positions the companies in the region are typically looking to fill. Check more job openings here.

The Pomeranian market is dominated by American and Scandinavian enterprises,  among them global companies such as Intel Technology, Amazon, Nordea, EPAM, IHS Markit, DNV GL, United Technologies, Dynatrace Poland, Bayer, Aria and PWC. The average wage in the business sector in Pomerania has recently exceeded 5000 PLN gross mark, but IT specialists can count on even bigger wages. Software architecture is one of the best paid specializations in the region – followed by software development (13 000 PLN net on average), IT projects management (8000 PLN net), and managerial positions in IT administration (11 000 PLN net).

Global leaders chose Tri-City!

It is not a coincidence that Tri-City was chosen by global giants as one of their preferred locations. The biggest employer in  the Pomeranian IT sector is Intel Technology, with circa 2400 employees. At the same time, it is one of the most dynamically developing companies in this sector in Poland. Programmers who work there take part in innovative projects and development of modern technologies, such as Cloud, Data Centers, Memory, Artificial Intelligence, Connectivity, Audio or Programmable Solutions.

Amazon’s branch in Gdańsk builds teams of specialists who provide innovative solutions for products and services all over the world. Polish specialists work thereon a well-known Alexa voice recognition technology, among other solutions. The company distinguishes itself with high and unconventional work ethic to provide its employees the most comfortable environment to share their knowledge and experience. There are not only multiple benefits, trainings, support with relocation, but also an opportunity to bring your pets  to work.

The job will find you

What is the easiest way for employees to contact potential employers?Interesting job advertisements can be found not only on websites such as, but also on the local news website called Tró It is worth to search through other  specialized job portals, such as Nofluffjobs,, Bulldogjob. What is more, on “Live more. Pomerania” project website , the leading employers in the region (representing mostly IT sector or searching for IT specialists) publish their most sought-after  job openings.

Smooth career start - traineeships and internships

Tri-City is one of the best places in Poland to study  thanks to the various degree courses offered by the local universities that respond to the job market demands . It is especially true for the IT sector. With a little effort, a start to successful and ambitious career can actually be enjoyable here! Which renown companies are searching for IT specialists and interns in Pomerania? These are, among others, Arla, Metsa, and PWC, known for focusing on young talents. Graduates and students – not only in IT – , have a chance to start a career in companies like Intel Technology, Lufthansa, Atena, Kainos or Solwit, to list name just a few.

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