The Pomeranian Region

The Pomeranian Region has some of the best working conditions in Poland. We have some of the best brands in the world operating out of the region. This has led to a surge in job opportunities, increased wages and lowered the unemployment rate. The figures speak for themselves!


2.1 %

unemployment rate in the Tricity

5.1 %

unemployment rate in the Pomeranian Region

5.4 %

unemployment rate in Poland

*data from December 2021

Gross salary

The salary rise in the Pomeranian Region is among the fastest in the whole country.


The average salary in the Pomeranian Region

Making it the fourth highest in Poland after the Mazovian, Silesian and Lower Silesian Regions!


The average salary in Poland

* data from December 2021

Is it worth working here?

According to research, employees seem to appreciate working in the Pomeranian Region and would not consider moving anywhere else!

87 %

of employees from the Tricity deem their working conditions and environment to be good*

38 %

of employees indicated the Tricity as the best place to settle in Poland*

2 Place in Poland

Experts and managers declared the Tricity the third most attractive relocation destination in Poland**

* Survey “Pomorski rynek pracy w kontekście relokacji pracowniczej” (“Pomeranian Job Market in Terms of Employee Relocation”) OBiAS (The Foundation Centre for Social Research and Analysis) 2017
** Survey “Aktywność specjalistów i menedżerów na rynku pracy” (“Job-Seeking Activity of Professionals and Managers”) Antal 2018

The job market

The Pomeranian job market has the most to offer to people willing to work in finance, accounting, HR, personnel management, IT, transport and logistics services, construction, tourism or production, as well as in the maritime industry.


It is estimated that in the whole Pomeranian Region there are over 16 thousand people working in the IT industry - it is comparable to employing all inhabitants of Łomianki, a town in the suburbs of Warsaw. Whether you are a software developer, a data administrator, a front-end or a back-end developer, an analyst or a tester - there is a little something for each and every one of you.

Transport, Freight Forwarding, Logistics

The geographic location of the region creates job opportunities in this branch. Numerous companies have been established near ports and container terminals offering transport, freight forwarding and logistics services.

The maritime industry

This used to be one of the most traditional Pomeranian branches and today it shows us a completely different side. It is here, in Pomerania, that innovative ships and luxurious sailing vessels are designed and manufactured to go on to sail across the world’s waters.

Finance and accounting

People who have a taste for numbers and order will surely find something that suits them - the finance and accounting sector is one of the most rapidly developing sectors in the region. Companies known worldwide have placed their financial headquarters here, including such brands as: Swarovski, Bayer or Sony Pictures.


It does not come as a surprise that every company, regardless of its size, needs someone to carry out the recruitment process, to calculate the salary and to train new employees. This contributes to the organically rising demand for HR staff in our region.

Banking, insurance and financial services (eng. BIFS)

State Street, Nordea, Alior - work for the global giants of the banking, insurance and financial industries.

Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering

Precision and analytical thinking are the most important qualities in this field. You are made responsible for financial documents of natural persons, as well as companies and your task is to verify whether the money has come from legal sources...

Legal Process Outsourcing

Wide groups of attorneys work on cases, prepare legal documents and come up with solutions even for the most complex law suits. In the Pomeranian Region, the majority of cases concern the aviation market.

Big data

This is what the entire world is absorbed in, including Pomeranian companies. Nowadays, the market success of a company may depend on finding a correlation between selected pieces of data. An analysis of this data opens up ample opportunities for business growth, but it also requires involving an increasing number of specialists. One of the companies in charge of that in our region is i.e. Amazon.


In the Pomeranian Region, over 17 thousand people currently work in the production industry. Local companies produce parts and components for the key manufacturers of consumer electronics (like Phillips or HP) and vehicle electronics (Ford, Jaguar or Volkswagen) and they are constantly looking for engineers and electronics engineers.

Customer Service

Do you like to work with people? Are you patient? Let’s try yourself in customer service! Your tasks will include controlling deliveries to recipients or help in solving problems.

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