#MeetYourManager – Andrzej Jaszcza

The job market is constantly changing, especially now, while we’re facing consequences of the pandemic. But even under these unusual circumstances, one thing remains constant – IT companies are developing rapidly and in look for professionals. If you want to know what skills are in demand and how to get hired by one of the biggest players in the Tricity business scene continue reading and #meet your manager!

Today we’ll introduce you to Andrzej Jaszcza, Director of Ethernet Products Group (EPG) Software Validation, Operations & Labs and Program Office at Intel Technology Poland.

What do we do?

I work as the Director of Ethernet Products Group (EPG) Software Validation, Operations & Labs, and Program Office Poland teams at Intel site in Gdańsk. We are a part of a global EPG organization that is delivering a range of Ethernet devices supporting up to 100 Gbps speeds and serving Enterprise (OEM), Cloud, Comms and Automotive/Industry markets. My team together with other EPG teams at Intel Poland is responsible for developing and testing firmware, drivers, and tools for Intel Ethernet products.

Why do we do it?

For the last few years, we’ve been observing global industry trends resulting in the exponential increase of the data traffic transmitted over networks. Digital transformation changes the way traditional enterprises deliver products and services to their customers through the use of online technologies and the adoption of AI. Hyperscale cloud service providers need to move, process, and store terabytes of data every second. And last but not least, increasing use of mobile and IoT devices is generating new demands on telco operators to provision ever faster and more reliable services. The three major market segments – Enterprise, Cloud and Comms – will continue to drive double-digit annual market growth for data center Ethernet solutions in the next few years. This trend will also result in the rise of new technologies required to support ultrafast speeds, nanosecond latencies, and offloading data traffic processing from a server CPU to the Ethernet device itself.

Intel is one of the global Ethernet market leaders and our team plays a critical role in delivering current and future Intel connectivity solutions. Therefore, we are not only a part of an ever-growing industry but we can also create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth.

Who do we need?

We are hiring software engineers, both for development and testing teams. We expect our candidates to have programming skills (C/C++ for development, Python for testing) although the level of required experience may vary depending on a particular role. We are looking for interns and college graduates with only basic experience as well as for senior engineers who can provide technical leadership for software design and development teams. Working knowledge of networking protocols, device drivers, and various operating systems can be helpful. Here you can find currently open positions at Intel Poland.

My job interview tips

As we are an R&D company you may obviously expect some technical questions when you come to an interview. You may be asked to solve algorithmic or programming tasks also. Having said that, please remember that we don’t expect you to answer all our questions perfectly. We just want to assess your experience level in order to find you the best possible fit within one of our teams. Our company’s profile is unique in the Polish market and, naturally, you will learn many new things on the job. Often, even if you don’t know the answer right away, we will look into how you are trying to solve a problem. If you are going in the wrong direction we will try to help you get back on track so don’t be afraid to guess. Probably the worst thing you can do is not say anything and give up.

Certainly, your knowledge and experience are crucial to us but your communication skills are also important. We are all engineers so we don’t expect you to be a professional speaker but, as at Intel we are working in cross-geo teams with our colleagues from the United States, Israel or India, we want to make sure that you’ll feel comfortable talking to and collaborating with others.



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