IT, HR, Finance and Accounting salary in 2021

The year 2020 has turned business reality upside down. The business transformation happened at unprecedented rates and some businesses did not make it through. But, because of a coordinated effort between the government, bodies like Invest in Pomerania and the business sectors, businesses in Pomerania managed not only to survive but also grow and thrive. In this article, we explore what this means for salaries in Pomeranian’s key areas of IT, HR and Accountancy & Finance?

Prospective salaries

The dynamic development of the BPO/SSC and related industries in Pomerania and other corporations moving here ensures that qualified IT specialists can count on better and better working conditions. While the starting salary is still, around 5 500 PLN, there are definite increases based on experience. Last year Front-End Developers earned a minimum salary of PLN 8000, in 2021 it is  PLN 9 000. The growth in earnings may not be exponential, but the fact that there is growth and not decline is really good news. 


Big Data Developer can count on earnings in the range of PLN 14 000 – 19 000 PLN, while the very desirable Security Specialists – PLN 20 000 – 35 000 PLN.  Dynamically growing needs of corporations, as well as smaller companies in the field of IT and cybersecurity, ensure that graduates of Pomeranian universities can count on attractive employment opportunities. 


Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic in mid-2020 led to a slowdown in some recruitment processes even in the Business Shared Services sector, but it looks like the situation is returning to normal and employment in the sector is growing again. There is definitely a growing demand for Security Consultants (PLN 13 000 – 23 000 PLN), Infrastructure Security Specialists (PLN 15 000 – 19 000 PLN), Applications Security Specialists(PLN 14 000 – 20 000 PLN) and Cloud Engineers (PLN 14 000 – 19 000 PLN).

Stable HR

The salaries have remained more or less stable, there is no significant increase, but there is also no decline, which could be expected from the current situation. HR Specialists in 2020 could count on a minimum salary of 6 000 PLN, in 2021 it is 6 500 PLN. HR and Payroll Specialists earned at least 6 000 PLN in 2020, now it is 7 000 PLN. Salaries of HR Consultant, Recruitment Specialist, HR Assistant remain at the same level as last year. Stabilisation of salaries in this sector is a result of a growing awareness of its importance for the development of the company. This is particularly important in the case of dynamically developing corporations offering modern technologies or within the Business Shared Services sector.

Finances are good

Comparing salaries of key industries in Pomerania we cannot forget about the financial sector. Here, as in the case of HR, the situation seems to be stable. The best specialists can count on earnings of several thousand PLN per month. Salaries for juniors in the accounting department still start at about 3 500 PLN gross, while those who learn quickly can count on a relatively dynamic increase in earnings. Experienced accountants can count on two times higher salary. Also stable are the salaries of Business Analyst (min. 10 000 PLN), Credit Controller (8 000 PLN), Chief Accountant (min. 12 000 – 13 000 PLN) and Head of Controlling (15 000 PLN). Knowledge of a foreign language can be an additional asset. In the case of Scandinavian companies interested in investing in Poland, the ability to speak one of those languages is highly valued in Pomerania. It is an additional bonus that can help to earn even 2 000 PLN more.

Additional benefits

As compared to 2020, the first thing to note is the changing structure of fringe benefits. To a large extent this. MultiSport cards seem to be a much less important bonus, although it is worth appreciating the extensive remote training opportunities for employees that such solutions provide. Many companies instead invest, for example, in cards for employees to order meals home during work time. Many corporations pay additional benefits associated with remote work. Spending on training, conferences, and seminars has unfortunately declined, while one suspects this will change when the economy fully rebounds.

Despite the uncertain economic situation associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to note that some of Pomerania’s key industries – IT, HR and Accountancy & Finance are sectors that continue to guarantee their employees attractive salaries and stable working conditions.

Source: HAYS

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