A Legal Alien in Tri-City – opportunities for foreigners

Tri-City is one of those places where you want to live if you choose to live in Poland. Located by the sea, thriving with cultural events and entertainment opportunities, and last but not least – offering excellent public transportation services – Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot have been attracting more and more foreigners. Those who fancy Pomerania and would like to stay here for longer should also know how many educational and professional opportunities Tri-City may provide.

Studies for Foreigners

Foreign students often start their adventure in Tri-City by coming here for several months as participants of student exchange programmes. This urban area offers a lot in terms of education opportunities while attracting students with its interesting architecture, cultural centres and a well-developed entertainment industry. A lot of foreigners who consider studying in Poland choose Pomerania because of a specific offer of faculties related with maritime economy, state-of-the-art technologies and medicine.

Tri-City is one of the biggest academic centres in Poland, where foreign students can feel truly at home even if they do not speak a word of Polish. Leading tertiary education establishments such as the University of Gdansk, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdynia Maritime University, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport or Gdansk Medical University offer Bachelor and Master degree courses as well as a number of post-graduate studies in English. Those universities belong to the best ones in Poland and they base their recruitment on the intellectual potential of prospective students regardless of their nationality. When studying at their chosen faculties, foreign students can also attend a dedicated course of Polish. A lot of Tri-City universities have established separate recruitment departments for foreigners.

Where in Poland can a foreigner get a well-paid and interesting job without knowing Polish? In Tri-City!

A well-developed academic infrastructure is one of the factors that attract big foreign investors to Gdansk, where foreign business is dominated by globally operating companies founded with US and Scandinavian capital. Thanks to foreign investments, the enterprising spirit can be felt all around Tri-City with its job market being extremely attractive not only for Polish, but also for European investors and job seekers. Comparing to other parts of Poland, Tri-City features a negligible percentage of unemployment and above-average pay opportunities, especially in the business sector.

Apart from maritime economy and trade, which are traditional business sectors for Pomerania, Tri City has been developing state-of-the-art business services, IT services as well as R&D, which absorb the Tri-City university graduates as soon as they leave their schools. Among the biggest employers one can list Amazon, Intel Technology, PWC, Bayer, Nordea and State Street. Software developers, financial analysts, HR and recruitment specialists are in constant demand, along with specialists in almost all branches of state-of-the-art business support.

Apart from specialized skills, a candidate for an employee must demonstrate a fluent competence in English, however the knowledge of other European languages is considered a very important asset. For several years Polish job market is said to be more favourable to employees rather than employers. This is true as far as the above mentioned sectors and well qualified candidates are concerned.

Polish Job Market for Foreigners

Foreigners, especially from Europe, can work in Poland without major formal obstacles. Citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland may look for a job in Poland without a need to register temporary residence for 3 months (which corresponds to a term of a contract of employment executed for the probation period). Later they need to register their stay in Poland at a relevant office by means of filing a single document. On the other hand, the citizens of Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova must apply for a work permit within the first six months of employment, and if they have a permanent job they must supply a relevant statement from their employer. Then they can apply for a work permit for three years under a simplified procedure. Citizens of other countries may apply for a temporary residence and work permit for three years by undergoing a procedure with the support of their employer.

Moving to Tri-City

Foreigners who like Tri-City so much that they want to live here have got a lot of opportunities. The prices of property purchase and lease are much lower than in Warsaw and Western European cities. Each of Tri-City districts has its own advantages and an interesting residential offer, but all of them certainly provide pollution-free environment and good public transportation service to central business districts..

Tri-City is a popular tourist destination with two huge sea ports, so not knowing Polish is not a problem here. One can easily communicate in English in the street as well as in offices and institutions. Gdansk-Rebiechowo Airport, the third biggest one in Poland, offers regular connections to the majority of European countries. Thanks to this foreigners living here can easily visit their countries of origin even if they have completely fallen in love with Tri-City.

All the necessary information concerning study, job and leisure opportunities in Pomerania is available at https://livemorepomerania.com. Local universities and leading businesses advertise there in order to attract ambitious and well qualified people from Poland and abroad.

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