We are paying more and more attention to work and life balance, to the quality of air and to what the environment offers us. Check out how much the Pomeranian Region has to offer.

Renting a flat by a foreigner

05 .01
Prospects for work or study and wartime migration mean that more and more people from abroad are choosing to... (more)

(Polski) Pomerania is doomed to success

23 .03
In response to the crisis in Belarus, the Poland program was launched in 2020. Business Harbor, supporting the relocation... (more)

How much does student life in Pomerania cost?

24 .02
Every year, we show you the cost of living in the Tricity. How does this year compare to the... (more)

Spring cleaning guide for beginners

08 .02
The balcony turned into a storage unit for sports equipment bought in a sudden fit-ambition. The basement, which can... (more)

Cycling routes in Pomerania

01 .02
Spring is the perfect time to get back on your bike and not only discover new places but visit... (more)

(Polski) Cost of living in Pomerania – young family

25 .01
Do you dream of living by the sea? You are not the only one! Many young families with children... (more)

A journey along the amber route – yesterday and today

09 .01
The gold of the north – amber is nothing more than a fossil tree resin, charmingly shimmering with colors... (more)

Christmas shopping handbook

09 .12
The traditional pre-Christmas rush has begun – the time of running from store to store in search of the... (more)

Haunted places in Pomerania. Mini guide to Halloween

29 .10
November is a time of reflection. Short days, falling leaves and temperatures and, above all, nostalgic celebrations of the... (more)

Kayaking and sailing in Pomerania

27 .08
The summer is exceptionally warm this year, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking for... (more)
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