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Newcomers need some time to get used to the Tri-City’s public transport.
Given the multitude of public transport lines in the three cities, it is worth learning which zone is covered by a given type of ticket.

City Transportation Office ZTM in Gdańsk

Only in Gdańsk will you get tram tracks that connect most of the city’s central districts; on top of that, there is also a vast bus line network. Buses from Gdańsk reach as far as Sopot.

Public Transport Office ZKM in Gdynia

Buses and the so-called trolleys, that is, trackless trams run between all districts of Gdynia.

S-trains (SKM)

S-trains, the “overground city” connect the Tri-City with the urban units located farther away from the centre, such as Rumia, Reda and Wejherowo situated along the seashore. The far reach of the train means you have to get different types of tickets, depending on the zone and duration. S-trains provide transport between 23 stations across the Tri-City. There are bus and tram stops near every station.


For a few years now, Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM) has been connecting the Tri-City with small towns in the region. Now, you can reach the heart of Kashubia - Kartuzy and Kościerzyna - within less than an hour, which facilitates the daily commute, as well as weekend trips (including cycling tours!)

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