Thanks to its seaside location, the region is considered the summer capital of Poland. For many, it is the ideal place for a holiday rest. And what if you were to stay here longer? The sea, sandy beaches, lakes, the forests of Kashubia, Kociewie and Żuławy are all waiting to be explored.

316 km

of coastline with sandy beaches - if you wanted to surround the coastline of the Pomeranian Region, you would need to get 197,500 people to hold hands, which is more than the overall population of Seychelles, Bermuda and San Marino combined.


the number of lakes in the Pomeranian Region - if you wanted to swim in a different lake every day, it would take you almost eight years!

664,4 m a.s.l.

- this is the highest peak of the region, Wieżyca, which is practically equal to the height of the Eiffel Tower (324 m).

73.7 %

This is how many people consider themselves happy or very happy with the life in the Pomeranian Region

place in Poland

Which makes us ranked first in Poland.

86 %

of people believe the quality of life in the Tri-City to be high

Discover the Tri-City

The Tri-City is a metropolis consisting of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. The cities are part of a bigger metropolitan area known as the Tri-City Agglomeration, inhabited by over 1.2 million people. Located between moraine hills and the sea, the Tri-City is connected by two thoroughfares and train tracks, which increases mobility and facilitates the sense of direction. Each of the three cities has its own characteristics.


Gdańsk is a historic city with a unique atmosphere that you will surely sense while strolling along the narrow streets of the Main City or along the banks of the Motława river. At the same time, the city offers a wide array of services, from food to various tourist and cultural attractions or services. The centre of Gdańsk is a paradise for tourists, whereas the other districts - such as Oliwa, Osowa or Wrzeszcz - satisfy different functional and aesthetic needs, as they differ considerably from one another.


Sopot, which enjoys is prestige as a seaside tourist and health resort, is the party hub of the Tri-City swarmed on Fridays and weekends. In the summer season, Sopot’s main street - Monte Cassino, resembles a festival area welcoming tourists from all over Poland and abroad. As opposed to the bustling promenade and the pier, Upper Sopot is a quiet refuge surrounded by a forest.


Buildings in the centre of Gdynia, the youngest of the cities, are a mosaic of styles: combining elements of modernism with lots of social realism and the soaring Sea Towers visible from the beach.

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