What are work opportunities for you in the Pomeranian Region? The region is growing rapidly, constantly offering more diverse job positions, just check us 😉

Free apps for learning Polish language

25 .03
If you didn’t know Polish is not exactly an easy language, rather it has been voted as one of... (more)

(Polski) Social distancing and Chill

19 .03
The Tricity is on a precautionary lockdown mode. Schools and universities are closed. Restaurants, cinemas and bars are closed... (more)

4 ideas on how to spend time with kids during home stay

16 .03
Polish Government has decided for all nurseries, kindergartens, schools and colleges to be closed for upto two weeks. This... (more)

How to protect yourselve and your children during Covid-19 outbreak?

16 .03
When we talk about an increased risk group, we mean both elderly people and children. Statistically, the COVID-19 virus... (more)

Prevention in the case of Covid-19

13 .03
The COVID-19 virus outbreak is a serious matter that can affect us all. We should approach this matter rationally,... (more)

See Gdańsk from a different angle!

03 .03
Gdansk is full of must see tourist attractions and interesting places regardless of the season of the year. However,... (more)

Inna perspektywa na Gdańsk!

03 .03
W Gdańsku nie brakuje obowiązkowych do odwiedzenia atrakcji turystycznych i ciekawych miejsc – niezależnie od pory roku. Jednak wszyscy... (more)

Few tips on tipping in Poland

28 .02
“When in Rome do as the Romans do”. But what if you have no idea what the Romans do?... (more)

Salary guide in Poland for HR and IT

21 .02
Poland is one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union (EU) and Pomerania in Northern Poland is one... (more)

Wynagrodzenia i świadczenia dodatkowe w Polsce

20 .02
Polska gospodarka jest jedną z najszybciej rosnących w Unii Europejskiej, a spośród jej regionów, znajdujące się na północy kraju... (more)


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