What are work opportunities for you in the Pomeranian Region? The region is growing rapidly, constantly offering more diverse job positions, just check us 😉

Look out on false friends

03 .07
False-friends are words that seem similar to words in another language but mean something entirely different! Here are a... (more)

Important numbers in the time of emergency

22 .06
Regardless of whether you are visiting or living in the region, it is very important for you to know... (more)

Higher education in Pomerania

10 .06
This year secondary school-leaving examination is conducted later than usual but the question remains the same – what comes... (more)

Basic healthcare in Poland

03 .06
The healthcare system in Poland is based on a public health insurance system which is represented by the National... (more)

Seaside walks in Pomerania

29 .05
Most of us have been cooped up at home for too long. Yes, it is keeping us safe, but... (more)

Gdansk on a budget!

26 .05
Imagine. You are in Gdansk. You have just woken up. You look out the window and think of great... (more)

Staying in the know in the Tricity

26 .05
There is always something happening in the Tricity and as someone who has just started living here, it is... (more)

Holistic living in Tricity

25 .05
Sometimes it’s good to take a deep breath and well... Let it out! Focussing on your mental and physical... (more)

A freelancer’s guide to online resources that will help you manage your career

25 .05
If you are in a line of work where you are used to dealing with your customers face to... (more)

Regulations you need to know about while freelancing in Poland

25 .05
The Corona Virus has caused a massive shift in the way we work. For freelancers and those working in... (more)


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