BSS Sector in Pomerania. Prospects and earnings in 2021

The market of modern business processes in Pomerania is developing dynamically. Each year, more global companies transfer their advanced processes here, which translates into great career opportunities for Pomeranian specialists – both engineers and programmers, as well as administrative employees. This is evidenced by numerous awards and prizes, for example the one that Tri-City received at the end of June this year for “The fastest developing city of BSS in 2020” (according to Pro Progressio).

Rynek BPO/SSC w 2021 roku

The year 2020 brought a kind of stabilization in terms of remuneration in the modern business services industry. In previous years, wages in this sector grew dynamically (even by 25%). The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down this trend somewhat, but it should be emphasized that despite the slowdown, BPO/ SSC is one of the few industries that has won the economic crisis. The digital revolution, which has intensified during the pandemic, is further supporting the growth trends of the sector. The situation of the BSS sector in Pomerania is presented in detail in the Invest in Pomerania report – Focus on the Modern Business Services Sector in Pomerania 2021

It is worth noting, however, that today a very demanding group of investors locates their businesses in Pomerania.

What is so tempting in our region?

Poland is no longer as attractive a place to locate basic BPO / SSC services as it was a few years ago. Maintaining this type of business is becoming more and more expensive. On the other hand, both the whole of Poland and the dynamically developing Pomerania is an ideal place for foreign investors planning to locate more complex, advanced processes here. What is it that prompts them to invest in Pomerania? First, a developed network of corporations with their headquarters in the Tricity. For investors, it is a guarantee that you can safely conduct business here. For potential investors, the presence of reputable companies that have settled here in recent years is a confirmation of the high-quality business and economic environment conducive to the company’s development, which can be read in an interview with Marek Wróbel, BPO / SSC market expert. A large accumulation of corporations is also a guarantee of access to qualified staff.

Despite the pandemic, the modern business services sector recorded an increase in employment of 5.8%, which confirms the stability of the economy and the strong position of the region.

Pomerania is a very attractive location, incl. for Scandinavian companies that were the first to recognize the potential of the region and started investing here. Cooperation is favored by geographical proximity, but also the availability of potential employees with knowledge of Scandinavian languages, which are taught at the University of Gdańsk, which is why there are definitely more people using Scandinavian languages ​​in the Tri-City than in any other agglomeration. The presence of a high-level university has a huge impact on the popularity of Pomerania among foreign companies. In particular, the Gdańsk University of Technology, which supports the creation of innovative startups, incl. in the field of artificial intelligence or IOT (Internet of Things). PG also educates great specialists in the field of digital technologies, which is of great importance for the BPO / SSC industry. In the University of Sopot, a special BPO Education Center was even established –

Jak wyglądają zarobki w branży?

Due to the fact that the industry of modern business services in Pomerania is constantly developing dynamically, new jobs are constantly created. The prospect of professional development looks optimistic not only in terms of earnings, but also the possibility of expanding one’s competences as part of cooperation with other international giants. When it comes to earnings – of course, they depend on competences. At the beginning of your career, as a Junior AP Accountant you can count on a salary of PLN 4,500, while as a Senior AP you will earn approximately PLN 3,000 more. As a team leader, you can count on a salary of PLN 11,000. The situation is similar in the case of GL Accountant, Service Specialist, Back Office Specialist. At the lowest level, you can count on earnings of PLN 4,000 – PLN 5,000, with independent work PLN 7,000 – 8,000, while in the case of team management, the earnings in BPO / SSC are several thousand PLN. In addition, for example, for the knowledge of one of the Scandinavian languages ​​(which is often an expected competence in Pomerania) you can count on a bonus of about PLN 2,000.

Job Title Minimum (gross PLN) Maximum (gross PLN) Average (gross PLN)
Junior AP / AR Accountant 4,200 5,200 4,500
AP / AR Accountant 5,100 6,600 5,500
Senior AP / AR Accountant 6,500 7,900 7,400
AP / AR Team Leader 8,800 12,500 11,000
AP / AR Manager 13,000 17,400 15,500
Junior GL Accountant 4,600 5,600 5,000
GL Accountant 5,800 7,800 6,900
Senior GL Accountant 7,500 9,800 8,300
GL Team Manager 11,500 15,000 13,500
GL Manager 14,500 19,500 17,000
Junior Customer Service Specialist 3,900 4,400 4,200
Customer Service Specialist 4,600 5,800 4,900
Senior Customer Service Specialist 5,500 6,500 5,900
Customer Service Team Leader 7,400 9,800 8,200
Customer Service Manager 10,000 14,500 12,500
Junior Back Office Specialist 3,900 4,900 4,500
Back Office Specialist 5,100 6,500 5,700
Senior Back Office Specialist 6,400 8,000 7,000
Back Office Team Leader 7,400 10,000 8,700
Back Office Manager 10,000 14,500 13,500


Language proficiency bonus:

Language Minimum (gross PLN) Maximum (gross PLN)
French / German 750 2,000
Italian / Spanish / Portuguese 600 1,500
Dutch / Scandinavian languages 900 2,300
Czech / Slovak 800 1,300
Hungarian 750 1,600
Russian 500 1,000


*dane z raportu Devire salary guide 2021

Pomerania is one of the best locations for companies from the BPO / SSC sector, especially for those interested in the development of advanced processes. It is also a very interesting space for professional development for young, ambitious students who can count on interesting internships and apprenticeships already at the stage of education and, after graduation, employment on attractive terms and with good prospects for the future.


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