Cycling in Tri-City

Tri-City is a great place to have a bike. Cycling enthusiasts will find everything they need here: a well-developed network of bike paths, service points for cyclists, interesting and picturesque tourist trails and benefits for people who commute on bike. Discover the cycling possibilities in Tri-City!

Bike Paths in Tri-City

The authorities of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot have recognised the needs of cycling enthusiasts in the metropolitan area. Tri-City is covered by a dense network of bike paths which, for example, run alongside the Baltic coast and almost all major roads. Cycling may prove to be more effective than driving during rush hours. It also is without doubt more enjoyable and healthy.

But local firms offering attractive benefits to those who commute to work on bike are not the only reason to cycle in  Tri-City.

Mevo – Metropolitan Bike Rental

Both residents and guests to Tri-City don’t need to have their own two-wheeler to use the local infrastructure for cyclists, because they have Mevo at their disposal – probably the most modern bike system in Europe. Mevo boasts 660 stations, some of which are also located in several neighboring municipalities. It also consists of over 4,000 bikes equipped with conveniences such as electric locks, electric motors and GPS modules. Bike rentals are by the minutes, hours or can be based on longer subscriptions. For this purpose, it is enough to use a smartphone or a special card. The service is intuitive, and the satisfaction of moving around the agglomeration on two wheels is guaranteed!

Recreation – Bike Trails of Different Difficulty Levels

One of the key factors encouraging people to cycle in Tri-City is the chance to take beautiful routes. The area is full of popular trails chosen by residents and tourists. Which trails deserve particular recommendation?

Anyone visiting Gdańsk who has a bike and a day to spare should consider following the Sopot-Gdańsk-Westerplatte trail, which offers the perfect opportunity to see some of  the most important  attractions in Gdańsk. The trail is 46 km long and runs through the Westerplatte Monument , the old municipal bathing beach near the pier in Brzeźno, the Main City of Gdańsk , the European Solidarity Centre , Rybaków Square in Sopot and other contemporary attractions of the city:  Energa Stadium Gdańsk  and Ergo Arena sports and entertainment hall.

The Tri-City 30-km Coastal Trail is easy and can be completed on a regular city bike without effort. It passes through many interesting sites, including Kępa Redłowska Nature Reserve which is particularly worth visiting. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate its majestic cliff and thick beach forests.

We also recommend the 28-km trail encircling the Sobieszewo Island to owners of trekking bikes. The route passes next to Przekop Wisły, two nature reserves, Sanctuary of Our Lady of La Salette and beautiful sandy beaches. With some luck, cyclists may encounter wild seals which live in the area.

Rowerowe Trójmiasto

Bicycle-Friendly Tri-City

There are several other reasons which make Tri-City bicycle-friendly. One reason is its great infrastructure. There are many bicycle service points in Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot where a bike can be repaired and prepped for the road. There won’t be a problem with finding a bike rack to safely park the vehicle. Also, Tri-City constantly commissions new cycling-related projects, for example bicycle overpasses that allow to travel faster and more safely.

Cyclists are also being more and more recognised by employers. The Marshal Office in Gdańsk sets an excellent example. Its employees who cycle to work 15 days in a month, get a 70 zlotys discount. Blue Media, a Sopot-based company, alsois a bicycle-friendly pioneer. Its workers can participate in the “Zloty for Kilometre” (“Złotówka za kilometr”) programme. The rules are simple: whoever cycles to work receives a 1-zloty bonus for each covered kilometre. Cyclists are also awarded bonuses in TechnipFMC and AoN.

Residents of Gdynia can benefit from an interesting solution. They can rent an unusual cargo bike for 28 days free of charge. Vehicles of this type are perfect for transporting loads, as well as weekend family trips. Tri-City definitely stands out from other cities in Poland as bicycle-friendly.

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