Can I Continue to Reside Legally in Poland after Applying for a Temporary Residence Permit?

You submitted an application for a temporary residence permit. Does it mean that you can now legally stay in Poland until you receive the decision on granting you a temporary residence permit? To find out read the next part of the guide Legalisation of Stay and Employment of Foreigners in Poland.

Can I Continue to Reside Legally in Poland after Applying for a Temporary Residence Permit?

Once a foreigner has submitted an application for a temporary residence permit, the voivode competent for the foreigner’s place of residence puts a stamp in their travel document confirming submission of the application, unless:

  • the time limit for submitting an application has not been observed or
  • the application contains formal defects or
  • formal defects have not been remedied in time,

On the basis of the stamp, the foreigner’s stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland is considered legal from the date of submission of the application until the date on which the decision on granting a temporary residence permit becomes final.

In case of suspension of the procedure for granting a temporary residence permit
at the foreigner’s request, their stay during that time will not be considered legal.

Importantly, placing a stamp in a travel document by a voivode does not entitle the foreigner to travel within the territory of other Schengen states! The foreigner can leave for their country of origin, but in order to return to Poland, they should obtain a visa if they come from a country to which a visa requirement applies!

More questions about how to legalise your stay in Poland?

Issues related to the legalisation of employment and stay of foreigners in Poland still raise many doubts – both among employers and their foreign employees. In order to make it easier to navigate among statutory regulations, the Invest in Pomerania team in cooperation with specialists from the Pomeranian Voivodeship Office have created a publication containing a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the procedure of applying for a residence and work permit in Poland. We sincerely hope that the publication will make the process of legalising the stay and employment of foreigners in our region more efficient. We invite you to read the entire guide. If you want to learn more about the full range of support provided by Invest in Pomerania visit the website: .

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