Pomerania and Jobs in BSS (Business Services Sector)

The Business Services Sector, which provides modern solutions for enterprises, is one of the most dynamic sectors in Pomerania. In the province, there are currently as many as 140 modern business services centres which employ more than 26.5 thousand people. Why does it pay to pursue a career in this sector? Which leading companies look for specialists and talents in this important line of business?

BSS – Bright Future and Good Earnings

Dynamic growth of this sector goes hand in hand with earnings. For example, a Business Intelligence Specialist in Pomerania may earn on average 8500 zlotys gross per month, while a Project Manager in IT may earn 8000 zlotys gross. These are not managerial positions, so a young and well-educated university graduate can quickly get such a job. This is one of the reasons why everybody should seriously consider moving to Tri-City or another Pomeranian location where the broadly understood business services sector is booming.

The sector itself is still growing in the region and the job market is not yet saturated. Yearly increases in employment of 10% are estimated until at least 2020. For comparison, in 2011 there were only 8000 people working in BSS in Pomerania.

Olivia Business Centre
Olivia Tower Gdańsk

Major Players in Pomerania

These impressive figures are reached because many international companies from BSS have chosen Pomerania  as the location for their offices. Most of these are from USA and Scandinavia. These are the key players. Employees working in the Amazon’s teams in Tri-City create innovative solutions for this global giant’s services and products. Intel Technology is the largest employer in BSS in Pomerania with around 2400 people employed. The financial sector is represented by State Street Bank Polska – a supplier of comprehensive investment fund management services. Also, the Tri-City branch of the prestigious PwC company is among the best employers in the region. Nordea Bank AB SA is a financial institution which needs no introduction. In Tri-City, there are also branches of companies responsible for IT-related business processes. Arrow Services is a part of Arrow Electronics, an American company operating in 80 countries, which is one of the global leaders in sales of electronics and technological solutions. Kemira is a Finnish chemical company which opened its business centre in Gdansk that takes care of IT processes, supplies, customer service and finances. Other major players are Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv, Swarovski, Nordea, Thyssenkrupp, Bayer, Jeppesen by Boeing, Staples, EPAM and Ricoh.

Find Your Opportunity!

Companies from BSS which operate in Pomerania cultivate work cultures from their countries of origin. Apart from high earnings, employees can count on many other benefits. Graduates of the Pomeranian universities are quickly absorbed by the BSS job market, but the demand of local companies is still growing. Considering that Pomerania, which offers plenty of attractions, excellent transport and picturesque landscapes, is a great place to live, a start of a successful career in BSS is something to think about!

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