(Polski) Pomerania is doomed to success

In response to the crisis in Belarus, the Poland program was launched in 2020. Business Harbor, supporting the relocation of employees and organizations from the IT industry to Poland. The program also covered Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, and Georgia. Pomerania was the first region to offer solutions complementary to the PBH offer. Invest in Pomerania, a local government initiative coordinated by the Pomeranian Development Agency has developed a unified support program – Come2Pomerania.

Thanks to it, within 2 years, 8 companies have established themselves in the region, and more are waiting for their turn. The aim of the C2P program is to help companies and specialists to settle in Pomerania. The website collects the most important information about running a business and IiP’s offer in terms of the possibility of using, among others from government grants, investment proposals, information, marketing and legal support. You can also find there a lot of practical information useful in everyday life and direct contacts to IiP employees. When deciding to move to the Pomeranian Voivodeship, you should take into account a number of aspects of running a business.


As part of the program, we offer assistance in visa procedures and legalization through our investor ombudsman, temporary office space. We support marketing activities and even the recruitment process, we inform about available grant programs and other investment incentives. I am happy with the effects of the Come2Pomerania program, which is very helpful for foreigners in moving, restarting business and development in the region – says Aleksandra Moszyńska, BSS Promotion Project Manager at Invest in Pomerania.


IiP is preparing for the next phase of the program implementation, at the same time ensuring perfect mediation between companies, offices and institutions, introducing investors to local realities. In order to set new goals and raise the standards of its activities, IiP carefully analyses the needs and expectations of new companies, on the basis of those that have already benefited from the Come2Pomerania program.


Why is it worth choosing Pomerania?

The first company to enter via Come2Pomerania was Digiteum. A company from Minsk specializing in software development opened its Tricity office in October 2020.


There are many reasons why we picked the Pomeranian Voivodeship as the location of the new Digiteum branch. Foremost, I would like to emphasize the well-developed and constantly improved business and legal infrastructure in this region, the proximity of our key markets, incl. Scandinavian and German-speaking, and strong support from governmental and local institutions. Poland, and Pomerania in particular, is simply a great place to be. We have a lot in common from a historical and cultural perspective – says Katherine Lazarevich, co-founder and co-CEO of Digiteum.


Learn why Pomerania is doomed to success by reading the rest of the article on the Invest in Pomerania website.

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