Unusual Degrees – Check out Tri-City’s Out of the Ordinary University Courses

Tri-City is undeniably an interesting place to study for your degree. More than 84000 students attend courses at 24 universities which offer courses in 275 fields of study! The choice is by no means accidental. The Tri-City universities help you receive education that will give you an advantage both if you apply for a job in a traditional sector and in the new growth industries, such as finance or services.

Tri-City offers an opportunity to explore unusual domains related to marine industry and sea vessels navigation, but there is a lot more to it. Everybody can indulge their passions! Today we want to present you some of the Tri-City universities and their original offer.

Gdynia Maritime University

Gdynia Maritime University is one of the biggest universities of that kind in Europe. It has got two training ships and offers its students accommodation in Sailors’ Dormitories. Interesting degree courses include navigation with various majors at the Faculty of Navigation, as well as space and satellite technologies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Students can choose among 9 courses with 42 majors, as well as post-graduate and Ph.D. courses.

Polish Naval Academy

Gdynia is also the seat of Polish Naval Academy. The Academy admits both military  and civilian students. It has recently been trying to attract students by offering a course in cybersecurity. Navigation is also among the courses offered. Technical courses are predominant, including automation and robotics, mechatronics and information technologies. Mechatronics students are trained to work under water, which reflects the profile of the university.

Zbrojownia ASP W Gdańsku
Zbrojownia ASP W Gdańsku
Zadaszone Patio Akademii Sztuk Pieknych W Gdańsku
Zadaszone Patio Akademii Sztuk Pieknych W Gdańsku

University of Gdansk

The University of Gdansk is one of the biggest universities in Poland and by far the biggest one in the whole Pomerania. Its students can chose from a wide variety of courses in humanities, science and technology. The less obvious and more interesting ones include i.a. forensic science at the Faculty of Law and Administration. It has been enjoying continuous popularity among  applicants.

Oceanography is an absolutely unique course at the University. Students can pursue their studies on a training and research ship OCEANOGRAF, which is one of the state-of-the-art vessels of this kind worldwide. This is  a good way to get an interesting degree in maritime science. Scandinavian studies are also very popular. High level of the courses is appreciated by numerous companies, which willingly employ the University graduates. Knowledge of the Scandinavian languages is a great asset on the contemporary job market not only in Tri-City.

Gdansk University of Technology

What can you study at the Gdansk University of Technology? Ocean technology is an interesting option for potential students who dream of an engineer’s degree. This is where you study how ships are built and how to explore mineral resources by deep sea mining. The location of the University by the sea is its enormous asset. Energy carrier technologies are another promising degree course. On the other hand, space and satellite technologies can be studied in a course organized in collaboration with other Pomeranian technical universities. Gdansk University of Technology is number one among the Pomeranian universities. The students of engineering can choose Chinese as a foreign language course.

Medical University of Gdansk

When talking about the most important Pomeranian universities, it would be a mistake not to mention the Medical University of Gdansk. Apart from the high quality of studies, why should one consider studying there? One answer is courses offered by the University Centre for Maritime and Tropical Medicine. Apart from that, dentistry courses are also very popular and worth considering.

Learn more about studying in Pomerania! See company profiles of our universities and read about interesting degree courses offered by Tri-City!

Gmach główny Politechniki Gdańskiej
Gmach główny Politechniki Gdańskiej
Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego Fot. Dominik Werner KFP
Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego Fot. Dominik Werner KFP

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