What is BSS (Business Services Sector) and what are the prospects on its developement?

The economy and labour market in the pomeranian voidvoidship have changed considerably in recent years. Nowadays, along with traditional industries such as maritime economy and trade, we can observe new sector growing rapidly – BSS, which is a modern approach to business services. As for now, there are 140 operative  centres specialised in this type of service, hiring over 26,5 thousand people. It is a great place for young, dynamic graduates seeking professional developement in different industries – especially, if they have good knowledge of foreign languages.


BSS – way of modern-day outsourcing

Contemporary business services sector (BSS) is an industry that responds to the needs of today’s international economy, in which many enterprises benefit from specialised outsourced support. BSS is often mistaken for SSC (shared services center) and BPO (business proces outsourcing) sectors, but this is a false belief. SSCs provide services ranging from accounting and HR to IT services for one organization or group of organizations related to each other. In turn, the BPO sector handles external clients’ business processes (that is, client delegates those processes to BPOs). Both sectors are part of a much broader BSS (business services sector) industry, which also deals with IT outsourcing as well as research and development (R&D).

BSS is a prospective field of business not only from the client’s (that is, corporations delegating part of their tasks in form of outsourcing) standpoint, but also potential employee’s. It is estimated that BSS industry in Poland employs about 20,000 new people annually, offering them many developement opportunities and higher salaries. At the same time, the industry still is still hungry for new talent – and opens up opportunities for graduates from Poland and abroad.

Argon Gdańsk

BSS in Pomerania

26.5 thousand – this is the number of new BSS centers’ workers, hired in the first quarter of 2019 in Pomerania. That means BSS industry saw a 14.7 % increase compared to 2018. In turn, the 2016-2019 period experienced an increase amounting to as much as 56%. Such data should not come as a surprise, considering how many international companies, mainly from the United States and Scandinavia, are opening their important branches in the Tri-City and Pomerania. The largest employer among those companies is Intel Technology – the American giant employs 2 400 people in the region. Other big corporations who give work to specialists in the region include Amazon, Bayer, PWC, Nordea, Staples, ThyssenKrupp, Swarovski, Thomson Reuters, Ricoh and State Street.

Among the business service centers operating in Pomerania, up to 57% specialize in IT. This does not mean, however, that they are looking only for software developers. They also need versatile project managers, customer relations managers and many more, so there will be a place for talented graduates of various fields. 24% of Pomeranian BSS centers specialize in SSC, the others operate primarily in the field of ​​BPO as well as research and development.

The most desirable positions are reflected in the Pomeranian BSS’s labour market. Among those most sought-after, especially in the Tri-City area, are software developers and database specialists. Business analysts, accountants, financial analysts and HR specialists are also on demand on the job market.

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From university to BSS

Pomeranian voivoidship attracts young talent and specialists who want to become involved in the BSS industry or pursue a career in local businesses. In turn, for young people, an interesting perspective is to take up studies in the Tri-City. Many things to offer have, among others, Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk which, in addition to promising directions, can also offer foreign language courses, very important in the BSS sector. Good command of English is a standard. For those seeking employment in BSS centers, knowledge of German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Scandinavian languages will also be of advantage. The dynamic development of BSS means that this field of business is experiencing further professionalisation, which translates to more attractive promotion paths being available.

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