Work in HR – the human resources sector in Pomerania

HR branch surely counts as one of the most promising ones. Candidates can look for a satisfying employment in Pomerania successfully. Some leading, global recruitment agencies and consulting companies are located in Tri-City. Graduates and specialists, who know foreign languages and have competences connected to management and building relations, can surely count on interesting job offers.

What is HR really like?

The term “human resources” has two different meanings. In social sciences, primarily in economy, workforce is one of the means of production. Nowadays, especially when it comes to labor market, HR term means human resource management. It consists of an organization connected to employment, and of a team of employees. Human resource management includes, among others, recruitment, motivation, personnel policies and training. Part of HR deals with organizational matters connected to employment, for example keeping documentation, wages, paying insurance premiums and taxes, and other duties. HR policy is an element of business strategy.

Internal HR department or consulting companies?

Following a deliberate HR policy requires making use of specialists’ work. Those specialists are responsible for professional recruitment, staff training, administrative matters, and motivation. Every company has two options. First option is to create an internal HR department, which will coordinate the whole business. It is the most popular solution, especially in bigger companies, but not the only effective one.

Second option is to use a consulting company, which specializes in HR. In this case, tasks, which are normally taken care of by HR department are delegated to external specialists. This strategy can turn out to be a bull’s-eye idea in Pomerania, because the region is one of the most important Business Services Sector (BSS) locations  in Poland. Those modern business services include, among others, HR and payroll. Thanks to that each business can be supported by experienced HR specialists, and do not need to bear costs connected to maintaining an internal department responsible for human resource management at the same time.

The perfect employee or who do employers look for?

Pomerania is surely one of the best localizations for present and future HR employers in Poland. Global recruitment companies, such as Manpower, Randstad, Adecco, Hays or Startpeople, have their offices in Tri-City. Graduates of social sciences, especially those who specialize in human resource management, can surely count on a career in HR. What type of employees do Pomeranian companies look for? What are the most common skill requirements in job advertisements?

Let’s take a look at the requirements for employees of Alexander Mann Solutions Poland – a  consulting company, which is currently employing over 350 people in Tri-City. The company looks mostly for recruiters, coordinators for recruitment support and talent researchers. All positions require a knowledge of English at B2 level and some personality traits, such as communication skills, ability to build customer relations and analytical thinking. Additionally, a coordinator must have management competences.

In other job advertisements for similar positions, for example for an HR specialist, there could be a requirement of having knowledge of two foreign languages. Ability to work in a team is a huge plus too, and when it comes to more administrative positions, a good knowledge of Microsoft Office and SAP ERP is a must as well. People, who are ambitious, educated and want to come and work in HR in Pomerania will surely find some interesting job opportunities.

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