Find out where to rent apartment in Tricity

Would you like to live in an apartment in one of the newly built housing development? Or maybe a minimalistic studio in Gdynia, a hop away from the sea will make you happy as a clam at high tide? Wondering what will be the safest area for your family to live in? Which districts are the most popular and best rated by their residents? Perhaps you’ve been planning to move to Poland but are not sure which documents are required to sign a contract? If your answer is “yes” to at least one of these questions, read our article about flats in Ticity.

Enchanting Tricity

The vibrant Tricity has been extremely attractive to newcomers for years. Its dynamic and diverse labour market with leading international and domestic companies lure those coming both from the entire country and abroad eager to find employment. The close proximity of the sea, many cultural events and a welcoming character of the region attract like a magnet. The times are difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there’s no shortage of those willing to come and live here. Let’s check flat rent prices at different parts of the Tricity.

Oliwa - where history meets modern times

Oliwa is one of Gdańsk’s most esteemed districts. Beautiful old villas with a rich history, its greenery, and numerous magical spots make it really hard not to succumb to its charm. Even though most employees work remotely now, the proximity of the business center affects rent which is quite steep in this area. You might get a studio for about 1100-1200 PLN per month, excluding bills. A renovated 2 -bedroom flat, an equivalent of 3 rooms in Poland, in a stylish tenement house close to the forest will cost you even 3600 PLN.

Settle at the sea

The sole name of Przymorze, which in Polish means ‘close to the sea’ sells it best. Several stores, good communication links, easy access to Tricity Fast Urban Railway, and parks make this area even more compelling, so affordable properties get snatched in the blink of an eye. A studio for 1100 PLN or 1 bedroom for 1500 PLN are great deals, so don’t miss the boat!

Action: reactivation!

Wrzeszcz is without any doubt one of the greatest locations in Gdańsk and recently it’s been given the second life. The recently built housing developments drive the revitalization of old tenement houses, so enthusiasts of both will be satisfied. Average prices, which are higher than those in the neighboring districts, reflect how special this place is. A studio for 1500 PLN is quite a bargain. After paying the additional 200 PLN it’s possible to get a separate bedroom. Still, a higher standard and a modern design will cost much more.

Why does this coffee smells like a sea breeze?

The cost of renting a studio in more remote locations of Gdynia is approx. 1000 PLN, but living in a similar property in the city center will squeeze at least 1400 PLN per month out of your pockets. If a short distance to the sea is a must, it’s worth checking rent offers in Gdynia. Apart from beaches and cycle paths, an undeniable advantage of this location is a well-developed public transport. How does it relate to rent prices? Single bedroom property in Redłowo might be yours for 1500 PLN. In Gdynia Orłowo the same amount will be paid for one room fewer.

Family's nest

Young families with children most often choose Ujeścisko and Jasień. An average cost of a 1-bedroom flat (or 2 rooms as normally advertised in Poland) is 1700 PLN. It’s also the minimum price for a 2-bedroom property. The city districts believed to be the safest are Przymorze Małe, VII Dwór and Brętowo, situated nearby, which has the lowest crime rate in the whole city.

When the nightlife is your life

Who wouldn’t like to jog on the beach in Sopot early in the morning or be steps away from the bustling street of Monte Cassino? Renting a spacious flat in this city will definitely empty your wallet, but a studio within a certain distance from the main attractions might be reasonably priced. 1000 PLN should be enough to make these dreams come true.

Agreement available online

Migrants, including foreigners, usually look for cheaper properties located less centrally. Most of them choose Gdańsk, with the focus on its southern part. They often come to Gdańsk in search of employment or to study. What can they count on? The pandemic made it so much easier to sign an agreement and arrange everything online without the necessity of meeting an owner or a letting agent face to face. Still, it’s necessary to have either the passport or your residence card at hand. In addition, a tenancy agreement as well as a hand-over protocol should be also translated to English or to the renter’s mother tongue, whenever possible, so that there’s no chance of misinterpretation and all rights and duties are known to the parties involved. Polish relocation companies and letting agencies adjusted to foreigners’ needs might be helpful when signing such documents.

The Tricity attracts many people, although COVID-19 has slightly limited their number and possibilities. Rental prices are not for every budget, but due to less competition and more supply this year, prices are lower than expected. The only question is what to choose – an atmospheric tenement house, a new apartment, or maybe an additional room at a similar price away from the center?


Source: otodom OLX

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